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Re: Anti-anti-life anti-death life and death.

Re: RHIZOME_RAW: Anti-anti-life anti-death life and death.Maybe from a comp=
uting point of view ada1852 is 'a boring and uninteresting algorithmic proc=
ess' but I have yet to read any art criticism that addresses the quality of=
the algorithmic processes in a work of art.

As far as the question of what is art and what is not, it's a big 'been the=
re done that'. Read your Arthur Danto.

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From: Wayne J. Cosshall
Sent: Tuesday, October 08, 2002 4:16 PM
Subject: Re: RHIZOME_RAW: Anti-anti-life anti-death life and death.

I'd question that if the creator says its art, it is. It may be for that =
person, in their reality. That doesn't mean it is or has to be in a broader=
sense. Personally I think that is used to justify a lot of self indulgent =
crap in the art world today. Just because someone says night is day doesn't=
make it so.

Maybe to you I am nitpicking about the AI issue, and I probably am :). Bu=
t I disagree with your example about a painting. A painting is clearly a pa=
inting. Look, I agree with you about art having a right to deceive, but I d=
oubt if that is part of the artistic intent here. Artistic intent is what t=
his is all about. If deception is a clear part of the artists intention whe=
n putting the work together or deciding how to present it, well and good. T=
o me it just smells of someone getting on the AI bandwagon just in the hope=
that it adds some credibility or even extra excitement to what in actualit=
y is a pretty boring and uninteresting algorithmic process.



On 9/10/02 4:33 AM, "Pall Thayer" <> wrote:

I'm not talking about deciding whether it is art or not. It is art, the=
re's no question of that. Why? Because the creator says it is. It's not up =
to us to decide whether it's art or not. We're free to decide whether we th=
ink it's good art or not. I don't mean to sound offensive but I think you'r=
e nitpicking on the AI issue. Who really cares. You may follow AI research =
closely but that doesn't mean we all do. As far as I'm concerned ada1852 di=
splays a certain degree of AI just because she can keep up a conversation a=
nd when I mention certain things she finds a relation between it and someth=
ing in the artbase. Now that displays more intelligence than some real peop=
le I've met. Whether or not she's learning things along the way means nothi=
ng to me. It's still a very interesting work of art even though it doesn't =
conform to some scientific definition of what is AI and what is not. It's t=
he nature of art to mislead. Painters mislead people into thinking that the=
ir mess of colors on a canvas is a picture of something, for instance.



Re: Styling The Market

> Fabrice Monier Euphrate: How long does it take to design any interface ?
> Gavin Twigger : Interface design depends primarily on the complexity of=

> the project. Before we start designing we have an Information Architect=

> develop a wire frame that the designers adhere to.

Oh, yeah. That's how I always start out as well. I have my Information
Architect (capitalized of course, like God) develop a wireframe that my
designers (not capitalized) adhere to (sounds to me like we're making a
mobile). Then we hang the wireframe from the ceiling, over the baby's
crib so she can lie there and watch the dangling designers.
Pall Thayer
Fjolbrautaskolanum vidh Armula (


more ada1852

Ok, I finally got a chance to try out ada1852, the Rhizome commissioned pie=
ce that received some rather negative comments on the list recently. I must=
say, I think it's pretty cool. Sure, conversing bots are far from new but =
if anyone here truly thinks they're doing something entirely new, I'll bet =
they're reinventing the wheel. What is new, of course, is using this form t=
o talk your way into the artbase and I think it works out really well.




Each time I try to connect to ada1852 she says "Dear friend, I am sorry
but I am feeling quite ill today and shall not be able to converse with
you at this time. Please call on me again later. Good-bye."

Why is this? I really really want to try it out so this bothers me alot.
Pall Thayer
Fjolbrautaskolanum vidh Armula (



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