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Los Angeles Art

I've never heard anyone make the claim that an art degree "distinguishes excellence". If anything, it distinguishes academicism. Shows that your comfortable with a certain approach towards art but says nothing about its quality as art.


Grad School: SAIC vs RISD

I would think that a program that challenges your views and sensibilities would be more rewarding. Agreeing with each other for 2 to 3 years doesn't add a lot.


The Rhizome ArtBase

The Rhizome ArtBase is dead. Long live the Rhizome ArtBase:


new work: webzen

Yes, I feel very much in my "realm" here. Speaking of which:


Invitation to contribute modified Microcodes

As most readers of the list know, I've been experimenting with what I choose to call Microcodes lately. Yesterday, a friend of mine showed me his "versions" of a couple of my codes. I thought it was a great idea so now I've made it possible for people to upload their own modified versions of my original codes. You can also, of course, view other people's "mods".