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Heimspeki og list/Philosophy and art

Heimspeki & myndlist
THann 21. november i stofu 101 i Odda kl. 20:00 gengst Felag ahu=
gamanna um heimspeki fyrir fundi um fagurfraedhi netsins og hvadha ahr=
if thadh hefur a skilning okkar a listhugtakinu. Margret Elisabet=
Olafsdottur flytur lestur um efnidh og Pall Thayer og Ragnar Helgi =
Olafsson syna verk sin. THau munu svo sitja i panel asamt fleiru=
m og raedha malin i vidhu samhengi. Her er ridhidh a vadhi=
dh medh adh fast vidh tengsl myndlistar og heimspeki, en adhur hef=
ur felagidh fengist vidh tengsl bokmennta og heimspeki.

Philosophy and art
8 pm, November 21 in room 101 at Odda at the University of Iceland
The Icelandic Association of Philosophy will host an evening on the aesthet=
ics of the internet and how it affects definitions of art. Margret Elisabet=
Olafsdottir will lecture on this topic and Pall Thayer and Ragnar Helgi Ol=
afsson will present their work on the internet. Afterwards there will be an=
open discussion. This is the first time the association deals with philoso=
phy and art but in the past it has dealt with philosophy and literature.

Pall Thayer

Ragnar Helgi Olafsson

Pall Thayer
Fjolbrautaskolinn vid Armula (


Pythagoras harmony of the spheres

Just had a discussion with someone and it seems that no-one's picking up on=
the connection so this is me pointing it out:

Because the Pythagoreans thought that the heavenly bodies are separated fro=
m one another by intervals corresponding to the harmonic lengths of strings=
, they held that the movement of the spheres gives rise to a musical sound-=
the "universal harmony of the spheres."
Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia 2000

Pall Thayer
Fjolbrautaskolinn vid Armula (


Re: US Army Recruiting Computer Game

Yes, very scary. I noticed however that they don't appear to have a Macintosh version. I guess that's because they know we're all peace-loving-hippies and lost causes anyway.


Re: On Masks

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> Pubic / performance art is a tremendous responsibility and a capability
> which belongs to those willing and capable of it.
Finally K said something interesting. Hmm... pubic art....
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