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Pythagoras harmony of the spheres

Just had a discussion with someone and it seems that no-one's picking up on=
the connection so this is me pointing it out:

Because the Pythagoreans thought that the heavenly bodies are separated fro=
m one another by intervals corresponding to the harmonic lengths of strings=
, they held that the movement of the spheres gives rise to a musical sound-=
the "universal harmony of the spheres."
Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia 2000

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Re: US Army Recruiting Computer Game

Yes, very scary. I noticed however that they don't appear to have a Macintosh version. I guess that's because they know we're all peace-loving-hippies and lost causes anyway.


Re: On Masks

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> Pubic / performance art is a tremendous responsibility and a capability
> which belongs to those willing and capable of it.
Finally K said something interesting. Hmm... pubic art....
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RHIZOME_RAW: show me my art

Hi Marc,
Thanks for the 5 quid, I'll take them rather than the dollars seeing as the=
pound is slightly higher in value. I've changed the image back to the dots=
I was using before. The animated lines were just a bit to CPU intensive wh=
en the number of them was up to 200-300. I agree on the enclosing square, w=
ith the dots the square area isn't as appearant. The high pitched sound tha=
t was bothering you is one of the points of the work. There are three sound=
s going but you can only control one of them. It's like if you followed Fre=
nch politics closely and the current controlling party really got on your n=
erves. You can't do anything about it, you're not allowed to vote in France=
. But you could for instance, try to influence your French friends. Likewis=
e, you could've rang a friend who's IP number was very different from yours=
and perhaps he would have been able to change the high pitched sound for y=
ou. It's sort of like creating borders on the internet between IP numbers i=
nstead of countries.

Best regards,
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Subject: Re: RHIZOME_RAW: show me my art

Hi Paul,

Thanx for that, enjoyed playing around with the different levels of speed=
using the dots below (i think that is what they were for) & the visual, ha=
rmonic circling sound monitor. I tried to get rid of that high pitched soun=
d in the background, it felt like a manic case of tinnitus for me, everythi=
ng else was of course great - it gave off a sense calmness which is well ne=
eded these days. You should give a visit also, you might find thei=
r work pretty interesting. One other comment in respect of page design, the=
harmonic visual on the mid-right side (I feel) would be more fluid if you =
took the image out of the square frame, that it less contained. That's my $=
5's or


Re: show me my art

Hi Muserna,

Thanks for trying. I'm guessing that you're using an older generation G3
(less than 400 Mhz). The flash movie has to create 80 duplicates of a
movie clip in the first run, which can be somewhat hard work for older
machines. Usually if you click 'no' (do not abort the script), it will
manage to finish it and the rest runs fine. If it still has problems it
will offer you the chance to abort the script again.


Hinn 27.10.2002 kl. 03:03 ritaði Pet Name:

> on 10/27/02 3:15 AM, Pall Thayer ecrit :
>> I've just updated the visuals on Looking for the new universal
>> harmony. Seeing
>> as a single person can't test it out completely, please try it out so
>> I can
>> see how it works at
> Binky said to click "yes", so I clicked "Yes"
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