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Yet another PANSE sample...

Feel free to let me know what you think of PANSE.
Pall Thayer
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flashless PANSE

A low-tech PANSE client:

Pall Thayer
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work in progress

Hi all,

I've updated the PANSE client and thanks to the efforts Martin Howse ( http=
:// ) the server is now stable (sometimes it would crash on m=
ultiple, simultaneous connections). PANSE is still in a beta stage, more in=
formation about it will be made available when it's ready.

Best regards,
Pall Thayer
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Re: What Is Pure Manipulation? Why Is It Reasonable?

It seems to me a reasonable way to go because it's pretty much what all
mediums have gone through at some stage or another. It's extracting
something that is unique and inherent in the medium and using it, not
necessarily in a 'coherent' manner as such, more in an exploratory manner.
Carnivore is nothing but a little program that monitors network traffic by
recording IP and port numbers, but once you have those numbers it becomes
like a painter with an empty canvas and a pallet full of paints. You can do
anything you want regardless of what those numbers really mean or what the
system was meant to do. That's when the elements of a network become like
clay in the hands of the netartist. Where the network truly becomes a medium
and not merely a venue.


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Subject: RHIZOME_RAW: What Is Pure Manipulation? Why Is It Reasonable?

> I address August Highland's comment that "the pure manipulation of
arbitrary data seems a reasonable way to go" which comment came in response
to the statement by Pall Thayer that "it seems a reasonable way to go" when
"netart and computer based art in general is veering more towards the pure
manipulation of arbitrary data" and the approach of "let's see if we can
capture it and make it do something other than what it was meant to do as in
Carnivore, Gogolchat and others."
> My feeling in both Carnivore and Gogolchat (and Mr. Highland's work) is of
being overwhelmed by incomprehensible activity. I intend no disrespect. I
just find it all baffling and lacking in the coherence and sense of purpose
I look for in art.
> I would like to hear more about the goals of "pure manipulation" and what
exactly makes it a "reasonable" way to make art in this world. What are the
purposes to which it is being used? What is it drawing attention to? What is
it focusing on? Is it intended to communicate meanings to those who
experience it?
> Daniel Young
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