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Elsewhere Artist Collaborative Journeypeople Program

Sun Jan 01, 2006 00:00

About Elsewhere
Consider spending a month living within a former thrift store, filled with things, none of which are for sale—a place where discovery and innovation are tangible processes linked to conceptual investigations of new community and communication models. The Elsewhere experience is an inversion of traditional cultural and creative institutions, a living installation rethinking art production and curation as a collaborative process and contextually driven practice. Elsewhere functions as both a three-story project space and museum continually reinvented through the constant reapplication of an immense, 60-year collection of American cultural objects including toys, furniture, fabric, books, army surplus, and knick-knacks. These objects provide the resources and unifying aesthetic for artists, intellectuals, educators, creative thinkers and doers working in a variety of expressive modes to explore and develop new dialogues, systems, and models for integrated visual and textual languages. Elsewhere’s city model includes a library, Natural History museum, kitchen, studio, psychoanalysis office, press office, store, fabric workshop, and theater venue. Resident artists are invited to work within these systems as well as to generate new works that redefine and are incorporated into an expanding cityscape.

Elsewhere invites individuals to work as artists, interns, or organizational builders during the spring, summer, and fall. Artists work within the residency program, where they usually spend at least a month (flexible) creating a work or works using the vast materials and space within the environment. Students or recent college grads are invited to join the intern team, where they work closely with Elsewhere staff to build organizational faculties, assist in the creation of the aesthetic environment by overseeing a particular space within the space, and participate in exploring the city model of Elsewhere through character creation, the development of internal materials, and expanded opportunities for internal and external growth. Artists and interns work closely with the curators/producers to develop their particular interests within the Elsewhere realm. All interested participants should be motivated by ideas without prodding, have a sense of humor, and embrace innovative approaches to problem solving. While all activities are strictly volunteer, Elsewhere provides housing and inexpensive food options through our food co-op.

Contact Info
Residency - George Scheer Collaborative Director , 336-549-5555
Internship - Stephanie Sherman, Director of Concept and Design 610-739-0529