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Aqua-filters.co.uk is the trading name of UK registered company ART-B Ltd. Here at Aqua-filters.co.uk we offer a range of Reverse osmosis water filters , water softeners and water coolers, Reverse Osmosis systems. Worried about the quality of your drinking water? All of our Drinking water system are easy to install and maintain and will provide you with pure, clear and chemical free drinking water. Worried about cost? We can guarantee big savings on the cost of bottled water. Not sure what you require? We can tailor a system to suit your needs - just contact us and we can advise what could be the best system for you. Based in Dundee in Scotland we supply, fit and maintain water filter and water cooler systems. Our Managing Director, David Urbanczyk, has strong links with Europe’s leading provider of water purity systems – Polish company UST-M Ltd – and has been accepted as the UK’s only distributor and supplier of UST-M’s innovative and high quality products.