Oscar Santis
Since 2008
Works in Quintero Chile

1969 Born in Santiago on September 22nd.
1988 Begins to study architecture, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso.
1990 Enters to work as an assistant at the study of the sculptor Claudio Girola.
1991 First sculptures.
2000 Starts to experiment with computer music and electronic media.
2002 Forms the label "Amencoma" together with other musicians and visual artists of Valparaiso.
2004 Artist in residence at “Ciudad Abierta de Ritoque”. Until today.

2000 Drawing, Camilo Ambrosio’s painting studio.
1998 Painting techniques, Jorge Young’s painting studio.
1995 Mig Welding, Ciudad Abierta.
1995 Oxigen Welding, Ricardo Díaz workshop
1990-1992 Sculpture, Claudio Girola’s sculpture studio.
1988-1999 Architecture, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso.

Individual Exhibitions
2009 "Noise Interferences". L'Espace Pictomos, Paris.
2007 “Terminus”. Sala El Farol. Sala El Farol, Valparaiso.
2005 “First State B”. Sala Codar, Reñaca.
2005 “First State". Extension Center, University of Talca.
2000 “16 paintings”. Citè Universitaire, Paris.
1998 “Ten sculptures and five paintings”. Extension Center, Catholic University of Chile.
1997 “11 paintings and 2 sculptures”. Icaro Gallery, Viña del Mar.
1997 “Articulations in two and three dimensions”. Music Hall, Ciudad Abierta de Ritoque.

Collective Exhibitions
2015 “Overflows”. Sala Santiago, Univerdity of Talca, Santiago de Chile.
2011 "For (stop to) look”. Sala Puntángeles, Valparaiso.
2009 "Visual Arts PUCV. 40 years of art Institute". Sala Viña del Mar, Viña del Mar.
2005 “T-R-O-Y-A-N-O <Elena>” New Media Bienal, Museum of Contemporary Art, Chile.
2000 “Extended”. Santa Luisa, National Congress Building, Sotomayor Square , Valparaiso.
1998 “Painting, Ceramics, Sculpture”. Centro Almendral, San Felipe.
1990 “Open Exhibition” Casa Central, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso.

Solo Albums
2009 Tatixxa Lotell (Biodata)
2008 Proxeneta - Las 3 P (Horribleregistro HRS 047)
2005 El eje del mal (Amencoma)
2004 Antibaile (Biodata)

Projects Albums
2015 Haase + Santis - M5 (Pueblo Nuevo)
2007 Carroña - Dios Alcohol (Amencoma)
2005 Carroña - Es mío! (Amencoma)
2004 Uñas Negras - Uñas Negras (Ind)

2013 Fobia 2013 (Jacobinodiscos)
2011 Aukin Mapuche (Jacobinodiscos)
2010 Apenas Paisaje (D-I-net)
2009 Placas (Amencoma)
2009 Synco soundtrack (Pueblo Nuevo)
2009 Fobia 2009 (Jacobinodiscos)
2008 Fobia 2008 (Jacobinodiscos)
2007 Fobia 2007 - Proxeneta (Jacobinodiscos)
2006 Fobia 2006 - Proxeneta (Jacobinodiscos)
2006 Rubén Darío (Amencoma)