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"Wont take nuthin' fo dis journey"

Mon Dec 01, 2003 00:00 - Mon Dec 01, 2003

In the early 20th century many African Americans moved north (of the Mason-Dixon line) in order to better themselves and provide their children with some hope for a future. Some, however, felt that the south still held the most promise and refused to move north instead choosing to move south.

From South Carolina to Florida, they brought some unspoken traditions that were just part of the way people were "back home." Call it soul, call it what you will, much of this interior self-knowledge was handed down through the generations that survived the era of slavery.

We start in the present languishing over the loss of family, property, and a dimishing cultural heritage. As we look closer, we strain into the murky waters and see the unfolding past come forth. In the end we realize that we hold the past and the future within ourselves. This 'journey' is one that has not ended but continues on its plodding way.

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