Oliver Luker
Since 2007
Works in United States of America

Oliver studied Psychology and Philosophy at the London School of Economics, and has worked across Europe and North America. In 2003 he moved to Barcelona, and subsequently to Durham, North Carolina. Together with Vanessa Oniboni & David Stent he ran Dispatx Art Collective from 2004 to 2009.

The original idea behind the site came in 2000 - the concept of building an international art collective around an acquisition-based model. Starting with an initial core of contributors, the group would grow through its needs, identifying and including members over time. This model has undergone significant revision in the intervening period to produce Dispatx Art Collective.

He is currently working on the third in a series of works - preceded by Harper and Concerning Human Understanding - that concern the examined emotional life.
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Dispatx Update 2010

For the last year, dispatx.com has been down, not out. We switched servers, and in the middle of it, got caught up in the twin memes of less art, more meat and deliberate praxis.

Now it's back online - and we're gearing up for a last edition. A last cry - a railing against the connected, a physical multi-edition and a tenth, metrically perfect, online hurrah. After that, we will morph, change - the name will go on, although under what guise, we don't yet know. We're shedding scales & skin, feathers.

We're also asking for your help - we need your help to fund an art installation and intervention in Lima, Peru - part of a week-long celebration of women and girls in Peru. With just 10 of your currency, dollars, pounds, euros - we can make a difference.

La Casona - Art Installation & Intervention

We need your help on Kickstarter (http://kck.st/biibWK) to help us take over an abandoned building which is due to be demolished in just a few weeks as part of gentrification - curated by Cherman and Claudia Coca, also known as the designers behind FAITE, and together with many members of Peru's young art scene, La Casona will be subject to intervention, installation, and street-art for the entire week of VPeru. Please check out our Kickstarter project at http://kck.st/biibWK and give what you can ... even $1 is a help!

You can make it happen - although we have access to the house, we need to pay for supplies, lighting, publicity and security - all elements that will make an abandoned building safe for what we hope to be an exciting and vibrant celebration of women and girls in Peru. If we get your support, we will be able to start this stand-alone project and draw many more people's attention to the work not only of young artists but also the many beneficiaries of VPeru.

What is VPeru?

VPerú (http://www.vperu.org) is a week-long celebration of women & girls in Perú. In a country where the incidence of rape is as high as one every 15 minutes, the primary goal of VPeru is to increase the visibility of sexual and gender-based violence and to start a cultural discourse about it across classes.

Dispatx Update

Dispatx Art Collective is a curatorial platform for the development and presentation of contemporary art and literature. When it's offline, however, it's nothing. We started in 2004 with no contacts, no projects, and no idea. With your help, we published over 100 projects in 8 editions (the ninth edition, a questing for a theme, is still gestating) - and we'll do one more, one last event, before we change our form.

At the same time, we'll go analogue - a limited series of artists' books, focusing on the meta-editions, the interstices between editions. Look for zines, boxed prints, effective design. And then, like Keyser Söze ...

Please help VPeru on Kickstarter ... and watch this space for more Dispatx news.

Dispatx Art Collective - http://www.dispatx.com
VPeru - http://www.vperu.org
Kickstarter - http://kck.st/biibWK


Call for Proposals | Appropriation in Creative Practice

Fri Apr 27, 2007 00:00 - Fri Apr 27, 2007

Dispatx Art Collective (www.dispatx.com) is now accepting proposals for full-length collaborative projects related to the theme in exploration, Appropriation in Creative Practice.

Contemporary artists regularly appeal to theory and philosophy as justification, premise, or point of departure. More recently some artists have begun to incorporate theoretical texts as a material for their work. This treatment of philosophy, as if it were cardboard or paint, questions perceived boundaries and dependencies between theoretical idea and creative practice.

How can theoretical ideation and structure be appropriated by different creative practices? What effect might this have on the development of work or on the creative method in general? Crucially, in what ways can ideas themselves be treated as material substances, rather than as jumping-off points or conceptual armatures, and does this alter their influence and status?

Full-length projects make up the majority of the Dispatx collections. The documentation of their development is made fully visible in Make, allowing site visitors to interact with the project development via tags, comments, and creating their own private collections. This means of participation is directed above all at art professionals interested in a rigorous investigation of creative and curatorial practice.

For details of the theme and how to collaborate, please visit www.dispatx.com/submissions/


Dispatx Commissions Program

Fri Apr 27, 2007 00:00

(Barcelona, 26/04/2007) Dispatx Art Collective announced today the inauguration of a commissions program for the creation of original work. The inaugural commission award consists of two commissions of between 750 and 2000 euros in the categories of Photography and Sculpture.

From 2004, Dispatx Art Collective (www.dispatx.com) has worked with emerging and established artists investigating the creative method - the organising process that translates creative vision into creative output. Dispatx is now a leading curatorial platform developing and presenting contemporary art and literature.

With over 100 published projects in six themed collections - comprising well over 2000 pages of original content - Dispatx Art Collective will continue to develop and investigate creative and curatorial practice via the commissions program for the creation of original work. Every six months we will commission between two and five projects investigating the theme in exploration.

For the eighth collection the theme is Appropriation in Creative Practice, with a particular focus on the use of developed ideas and theories as a material across different artistic disciplines. This theme will be developed between July and December 2007.

The commissions are privately funded by contemporary art collectors and may lead to long-term patronage or representation.

For more details on the commissions program, please visit www.dispatx.com/commissions/