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Oddible is a moniker of Jack Stockholm, a Net artist and musician currently living in Vancouver, BC, Canada.
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Game Studies: Personality and Gaming Preferences Questionnaire

We're running an academic survey relating personality to game activity preferences as part of a thesis project at Simon Fraser University's School of Interactive Arts and Tech (sfu.ca). If you're interested (and over 19 due to ethics requirements) the link is below:


Please pass it along to any gamers!



web hosting for artists

You've posted a pretty wide open question that has a lot of options. There is a conflict between 'budget' and hosting video - that is if you ever get a sizable amount of hits on your site. Most providers give you X amount of bandwidth to use per month. When hosting video, the likelihood of approaching that limit even with moderate usage increases. The way around this is to host your website yourself and use an offsite source to store your video - like YouTube or Archive.org (probably better for licensing issues). Then just link to those sites from your own site. This is an optimal solution because the quality of service (QoS) of those sites is typically very high and you won't have to worry about poor streaming or bandwidth limits.

As far as cheap hosting goes, the first place to check would be your ISP. Most DSL / Cable providers offer you web space with your account. Then just buy a domain name and point a CNAME DNS record at the URL to your site. They don't typically offer a lot of space so you'll just be hosting simple html and images there and link offsite to video and large files. You also can't typically install an app like Wordpress or something because they won't offer you a database without paying extra.

If you really need to go out and find your own host I'm sure you'll get lots of recommendations. If you expect to host a lot of video on your own site, then look for a host that has an unlimited bandwidth package - though these may suffer from QoS issues. I've used Dreamhost (LINUX) and WehHost4Life (Windows) and have found them both reasonable for unlimited bandwidth accounts. Dreamhost in particular has a good package that will auto-install Wordpress, Mediawiki, and many other content management apps for you for free so if that isn't in your skillset, that may be something to consider.


Webzine 2005 this weekend in SF, CA

Sat Sep 24, 2005 00:00 - Sun Sep 18, 2005

WEBZINE is a real world, face-to-face celebration of independent publishing on the Internet. It's part panel discussions and speakers, part workshops and much freeform collaboration, schmoozing and after-party boozing. The panel discussions aim to inspire, the workshops are hands-on forums of learning and the Master's Lounge is the unstructured place to share knowledge, ideas and URLs. DIY to its core, Webzine is rooted in zine culture and the love of making our own media."

Weekend Pass - $20 (+$2 fee)
Saturday Only Pass - $12 (+$1 fee)
Sunday Only Pass - $12 (+$1 fee)

Webzine 2005

SEPTEMBER 24th/25th
12noon - 6:00pm

Swedish American Hall
2174 Market Street
San Francisco, Kalifornia