Novas Galleries
Since 2008
Works in London United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Novas Gallery & Contemporary Urban Centre is a gallery supporting artists and artwork revolving around social issues of today such as gender roles, homelessness, environmental concerns, and disability. Many of the the very artists shown at the gallery have been themselves excluded in today's society and Novas works to empower these marginalised artists. Attached to Novas Gallery is Cafe Arlington, a cafe selling organic produce, and a small shop selling only fairtrade goods.

CURRENT EXHIBITION: Eye Level (April 4th-May 3rd)

UPCOMING EXHIBITION: Trashy & Flashy (May 9th-June 7th)
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Eye Level

Fri Apr 04, 2008 00:00 - Wed Mar 19, 2008

Novas Galleries and Contemporary Urban center features Eye Level, an exhibition showing the work of four artists, known as 58 - a collective from England, Spain and the USA, in their first group show. Their collective art practice includes painting, animation, photography, video and storytelling and spans a diverse range of themes and approaches.