Gerry Straathof
Works in Calgary Canada

I am taking a Masters of Computational Media Design at the University of Calgary. This has a secondary meaning to my artwork, which I consider a separate entity from my current courses. There are elements of 3d generated work which is beginning to bridge the gap between my new work and computing science.

My artwork is intended to make people question the complacency they have towards their surroundings. I work with photography, video, live camera feeds, programming and interactivity. The work I have done in the past included still images, multitouch and interactive installations. My current work involves using the Kinect to rethink the participants role in their surrounding.

An important part of my practice also includes the publication of online materials, specifically the development of uncensored publications in a free environment, with the intention that eventually a creator will have the option to be paid for their creations. This project is a reaction to the limited use of digital media and is intended to allow the collecting, reselling and sharing of digital media. The first step is nearing completion with individual publications created with a publishing engine. The next step will be to create an online editing & sharing suite, and the final rendition will be a system for downloading and accessing information. It is a work in progress that has been under development for over a year, so far.