Norman Simms
Since 2009
Works in Fairless Hills United States of America

Norman F. Simms the Artist

Norman F. Simms was born January 14, 1956 in Washington D.C to Leon and Ethel Simms. He was the sixth born of eight children--five brothers and two sisters.

Norman's interest in art began at a very early age. He studied fine art and painting at Art Instruction Schools, and graduated on August 7, 1975 at the age of nineteen. In the fall of 1975 he continued his studies in Fine Art at Murray State University in Murray, Kentucky. He continued his study in Fine Art and computer studies at the University of Maryland, University College, and graduated in 1999. Norman is now attending the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, California where he is perusing a master degree in fine arts.

Norman uses a variety of mediums -- graphite, colored pencils, pastels, watercolors, and oils. He handles each of these with a different approach, believing that each medium needs to be used in a way that takes advantage of that medium's natural and strongest attributes.

He believes that by combining abstraction (intuitive gestures) and realism (form) the artist creates a more powerful works of art. Creating art is a life transforming experience that helps the creator and the viewer to understand the complexities of the subject matter in an intricate and organized manner. Norman's art is a combination of many styles; realism, impressionism, and abstraction can be found within his works. He believes that it takes skill to create a realistic composition on a two-dimensional surface, but this is not what he considers to be art. Bringing out the internal dynamics and emotions of the theme will create true uniqueness in the piece of art.

In Norman's art he creates an interaction of life and its indescribable "being". To explain and make this concept clear, he believes that all LIFE is intertwined, functioning as motions acting and reacting, struggling to stay balanced. The BEING is the part of us that is our own; separate from but still in tune with life. It is the part of us that makes clear and shows us a person's soul (despair, joys, and so on) just by visual inspection. The being is what an artist is trying to place in his or her art. This creates a picture that is interactive with the viewer. Norman views art not as making a statement, but more as making an observation.

He create art because it is the only thing that society is unable to dictate and control. The creation is a collaboration between the conscious artist and the spiritual artist within. My art displays the struggle of the unseen spirit (feeling and emotions) towards true reality that will allow man and woman to see not only with the eyes, but with the heart as well.

Through the years my output of drawings has been spotty and interrupted. The reason for this is that during the drawing stages I am studying and learning—taking in what the subject matter is offering. Paintings are usually based on the drawings, which still offer new insights, but the composition is pre-visualized. Note that even before any marks are made on any surface many hours of research and thinking have gone into preparing the design and subject that will be presented in the final artwork.

At first glance, it may seem as if I work in many styles and themes, but when you examine my work you will find that the style and theme is not different-it is the medium that I have chosen that has changed, thus requiring a different approach in its application. I deal with expressing emotions in the form of portraits and figures combined with the dynamics of nature. I don’t differentiate between what are considered to be my better or less successful works. My work comes from my soul and is equal in that manner. I do judge my approach to how I applied the medium. I realize that my work is not up to what I want it to be, but this is a moving goal. I get to my goal, only to find out that the target goal has moved further away. I think that my best work is the art piece that is yet to be done.