Norman Ford
Since 2002
Works in Hong Kong Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of China

Norman Jackson Ford has been an artist and educator since the 1980's. Born in Bermuda and traveling most of his childhood, he has spent a large portion of his adult life outside the US. After leaving art school unfinished he worked as a pizza cook, fern cutter, liquor salesman, photo-lab tech and a nuclear, biological and chemical specialist in the US Army (where he was discharged without being sent to prison). The latter experience forms the basis for Con/deCon, his current project.

Involved in numerous group and solo exhibitions internationally, Ford has been working as an artist, commercial photographer, writer and researcher in Hong Kong since 1994, while also teaching photography, multi-media and visual cultural studies at various institutions. He is currently pursuing a PhD at the University of Hong Kong, critiquing cross-cultural theories through a study of Hong Kong (and China's) visual culture and lens-based media. In 2001-02, he curated Re-considered Crossings: Representation Beyond Hybridity, an arts and cultural exchange between Hong Kong and Vienna, and co-edited the book Traversals (Mapbook Publishers, 2001). His most recent work Con/deCon (2003-04) examines the commodification of multi-culturalism and difference through various media.
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Online Seminars with Peter Weibel +...

Didn't see this posted anywhere here so thought I'd send it in.

"MECAD/ESDI (Media Centre of Art and Design of the Superior Design School, Barcelona, Spain), is organizing a cycle of online seminars aimed at encouraging the exchange of knowledge and information in the arts and new technologies. These are free of charge, open to all and intended for artists, scientists, experts and professionals wishing to keep abreast of the latest ideas, concepts and techniques in this area. The seminars will be given by well-known artists and theoreticians."
Peter Weibel
Eugene Tisselli
Christa Sommerer

Check the site here:


Re: Whitney biennial accepting submissions

Yes, but considering the deadline I think we're a tad late.
"The deadline for submissions is August 1, 2003."

t.whid wrote:

> it looks like the whitney biennial is accepting submissions this year.
> this is unusual. it's my understanding that the whitney tracks you
> down and hasn't accepted submissions in the past.
> anyway, more info here:
> for those unfamiliar, it's only open to american artists.
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> </twhid>