NODE is Frankfurt’s festival for digital arts and culture. It’s a week-long rush of A/V performances and exhibitions by artists of the digital and analog media scene from around the world, packed with hands-on vvvv workshops where you’ll learn how to build and programm stuff, and lectures and talks by artists, scientists and technologists reporting on their work, the arts and their implications on our culture and society.
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NODE13 Forum for Digital Arts

Mon Feb 11, 2013 00:00

Frankfurt am Main, Germany

NODE13 Forum for Digital Arts

“The Rules – Examining code as
shapeable cosmoplastic material”

Workshops, Symposium, Exhibition & Happenings

The 3rd edition of ‘NODE13 – Forum for Digital Arts’ is framed by the key topic ‘The rules – Examining code as shapeable cosmoplastic material’ and invites an international audience to the Frankfurter Kunstverein, Germany, from 11th through 17th of February, 2013. Visitors can now purchase their tickets and register for workshops online.

In addition to the aesthetics of machines and software the week-long festival for digital and interactive culture and art focuses on ‘rules’ of computers and their transformative effect on our society.

“After one year of preparations and more than 500 project submissions from more than 25 countries the visitors can look forward to take an active part in exploring forward-looking ideas, discussing or simply enjoying the festival. Visitors will get an exclusive insight into how multimedia computer technology will shift and extend the cultural and artistic potential.” -says David bruell, festival director and main initiator of NODE e.V.

– Workshops –
Current trends in multimedia production


+ vvvv for newbies
+ Kinect Basics
+ Video Effects
+ DirectX 11 Rendering
+ Projection Mapping on Moving Objects
+ Controlling flying copters
+ Brainwave analysis
+ Folding & cutting paper
+ Multi-touch gesture recognition
+ Multiscreen Setups
+ Physics based interactions
+ Transformations
+ vvvv and the Arduino
+ Motor Control
+ Industrial robots for creative applications
+ Visualizing dance with Motion Bank
+ IRIS – Interactive Realtime Image Synthesizer
+ vvvv.js
+ more online

– Symposium & Exhibition –
‘The Rules – Examining code as shapeable cosmoplastic material’


+ Memo Akten
+ Rainer Kohlberger
+ Geoffrey Lillemon
+ Kyle McDonald
+ Julian Oliver
+ Rafael Rozendaal
+ Elliot Woods
+ Patrizia Kommerell & Gabriel Shalom
+ Philipp Kleinmichel
+ Joanne McNeil
+ Andrew Goffey
+ Alex McLean
+ more artworks from our Open Call still to be announced

– Happenings –
Let's meet and feel the vibes of 'Creative Coders'


+ Panel-Discussion
+ Consultation hour with Memo Akten
+ A/V Performance Daniel Schwarz & Edisonnoside
+ LiveCoding Performance by Alex McLean
+ vvvv keynote
+ Visitors presentation 'Patcher Kucha'
+ Consultation hour Hackerspace Frankfurt
+ and final party with a Guy Called Gerald
+ Geoffrey Lillemon Artist Talk & Screening
+ more online

–Venue –
Frankfurter Kunstverein



NODE13 – Open Call por Proposals

Fri Nov 30, 2012 23:59

Frankfurt am Main, Germany

We are happy to announce the 3rd edition of 
NODE Forum for Digital Arts in February 2013. 
Nominate projects! Open Call starts now!

About NODE

NODE13 is a festival for digital arts and culture based in Frankfurt, Germany. It’s is a week long rush of A/V performances, exhibitions by artists of the digital and analog media scene from all the world, workshops and talks.

Within the NODE13 exhibition and symposium we are seeking to investigate the implications of current technology on our culture and society.

Again NODE13 will be brimming with hands-on vvvv workshops and tons of chances to get together and talk about the tools that we use in our everyday creative coding life. Meet the devvvv's get the ideas behind vvvv. Just come.

Date and venue

NODE13 takes place February 11th – 17th 2013 at Frankfurter Kunstverein, Steinernes Haus am Römerberg, Markt 44, 60311 Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Deadlines see below!


NODE13’s keynote is ‘THE RULES’, but the Open Call is not limited to this. We are seeking to investigate the correlation of working with the ‘rules’ of a computer and the transformative processes in our society.
We design in, through and with software, but we also design software itself: Computer code has become an autonomous medium. At the same time software changes the way we organise knowledge, the way we produce, interact and organise ourselves politically. New software creates new ways of behaviour, and it seems that the regularity of software bleeds into the ‘real world’, thus transforming everything it touches.

Format and type

Submitted projects can be of any size and format. You can propose any project format e.g. performances, artworks for the exhibition or workshops. We love dynamic and static projects as well as virtual and physical projects. As NODE13 is an inter-media forum which facilitates a cross-border exchange between all disciplines of art, the Open Call addresses to works in the field of new media, performing arts, video and music, architecture as well as software.
With this ‘Open Call for Proposals’ we wish to expand our awareness of relevant projects, and also open the possibility to show work that hasn’t been presented before.


You can submit your own projects – or project of others that you consider groundbreaking in the field of NODE. Eligible for submission are professional, amateur, independent, as well as commercial works.


  • Submission of works: Deadlines are November 30th 2012 (exhibition) and January 31st 2013 (performances/workshops). No previous registration needed![/*]
  • Screening by the curational team and announcement of selected works: Until Dezember 2012 (exhibtion) and Januar/Februar 2013 (performances/workshops)[/*]
  • Exhibition of selected works: February 11th – 17th, 2013[/*]

How to enter

Visit and send us your proposal via contact form or email. 
Please provide all information requested. If you have any questions, please let us know!

Your NODE team