Noah Venezia
Since 2009

The last New Jersey basset hound, Noah Venezia, was brought to light in 1984. Forcibly settled on the greasy banks of suburban boredom, he would spend many years refining the particular strains of personal idiosyncrasy that would be so critical to his latter day work. Later, he would cultivate a pronounced mane and a menagerie of paisley in remembrance of this era.

However, far from rendering him a character of inordinate seriousness, Noah to this day holds simple youthful
exuberance in the highest regard, still taking time out to whistle through the canyon as often as possible. The preference for visceral splendor over vague analytics has long informed Noah’s journey, as well as a correspondent fascination with the potential of artifact – especially as it relates to the immediacy and nuance of typography.

He currently resides in a sunny pocket of Brooklyn, New York where he enjoys tending his garden, munching on Peanut Chew and riding around on his bike, combing the area for dusty volumes to add to his heap of forgotten printed matter.