NiNi-Crü is an authoring environment and amateur cultural production that finds its only reason for being on the Internet and all the feedbacks that occur there.

For this vital link with the network that immediacy, versatility and consistency become two essential conditions for all our products: sound production, performance telepresence, augmented reality, georeferencing ..

Obviously, immediacy, versatility and consistency conditions are intrinsic to the social networks that require a production rate that will be difficult to assume in our amateur production environment, which is why the participation of partners related to our character becomes another condition for the continuity of Nini-Crü.

For these reasons, the organizational structure of NiNi-Crü takes the form of a pyramid breaks into three vertical levels: the upper block are the four members of NiNi-Crü, the second section we find all the help employees and members of certain personal productions NiNi-Crü, lower level outside the control of organizational NiNi-Crü and is open to any person or group can take over our brand and what to do with it it pleases.

Only what appears on this website belongs exclusively to NiNi-Crü, the second level of production finds its natural place in the network representation of interacting with long profiles typical of NiNi-Crü. The third level of this structure is not governed by any rule or indication and totally escapes the control of NiNi-Crü.