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Sonic Arts: Performance / Exhibition / Installation / Symposium

Wednesday 5TH - Friday 7TH June 2002

The Mall
London SW1Y 5AH


Cybersonica is a three-day international festival of music and sound,
dedicated to defining the frontiers of electronic sound culture.

'Symposium' is a gathering of some of the leading artists and
innovators working within sound from around the world.
Keynote presentation is from MICHEL WAISVISZ, head of the STEIM
sound research foundation in Amsterdam. He has, since the late 60's,
experimented with ways to achieve a physical touch with electronic
musical instruments. TOM BETTS, who presents
the animation inspired 'Pixelmap', has recently become the first
generative composer to get a major record deal, and is new media
consultant at Tate Modern. CHARLES KRIEL is resident VJ for BBC
Radio 1 dance events, and delivers a joint talk with
'Big Brother' originator GARY CARTER.

'Performance' features leading digital music makers: the abstract
textures of POLE (5th June), idiosyncratic electronica
from DJ SPOOKY (THAT SUBLIMINAL KID) (7th June), and BOMB 20's
digital noise and cut-up (6th June). Experimental DJ sets from
Zan Lyons, XFM's Nick Luscombe and Tokyo's Play label can be heard in
the ICA bar at the Cybersonica 'club nights'.
'Installation', at the Global gallery on Golden Square, represents
new methods of interacting with sound that move beyond the screen,
pushing the limits of electronic sound art. ROBIN McGINLEY's 'Earth's
4.5 Billion Year Old Composition' utilises valve
based short wave radio equipment and the latest computer technology,
allowing us to hear the earth's own natural electro-acoustic
composition. JEFF TALMAN'S Sonogram works are derived from a spectral
analysis of the room tones found in major architectural spaces including the
World Trade Center in New York. JONAH BRUCKER-COHEN's
work 'Musical/Devices' allows people to collaborate in a musical
composition with others using their mobile telephones.

'Exhibition' highlights new audio visual experiences: computer
generated art , games, music, and interactive environments.

'Film' is programmed by pioneering VJ and TV producers ADDICTIVE TV,
with anglo-french filmophiles CINEFEEL screening an eclectic mix of
off-beat electronic music shorts.

TICKETS on sale NOW - contact the ICA ticket office on: 0207 930 3647
or See <> for prices.