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Re: Re: is google god?

Ivan Pope wrote:

> > Subject: RHIZOME_RAW: is google god?

While wrestling with this question and weighing up the similarities between God, who created heaven and earth (or so I am told) and Google who catalogued a lot of it, I suddenly began wondering if doogle was a dog.
I thought that that was going to be easy but it wasn't so I asked God "is doogle a dog"? and God answered
"The following words are very common and were not included in your search: is a " and then suggested 264 places I might go and find out for myself instead of pestering him/her. (S)he was pretty quick about it (0.16secs) and I was well impressed but became suspicious when I went to and there was nobody home so I decided to try and get to the root level of the issue and tried asking "is there a dog"? Again God didn't really seem to know the answer and (s)he took a bit longer over it this time (0.85 secs) sending me on a wild dog chase to
Is there a DOG? - 371. Some people have questioned the very existence
of DOGs and all of their works. Please visit this site,
I became very suspicious and looked up expecting to see God shining in rainbow colors - but guess what I saw?


Re: Cloned Object or Cloned Zanni ? This is the problem wrote:

> Dear ArtBase Watchers,
> I've just seen the " Hole in the Sky " by Tom Scarpino (Hi Tom)
> I was wondering if any of you saw my piece done two days after the
> 9-11 fact. (more or less 2 years ago)
> It's the same piece:

I feel that a (almost) straight copy would feel so pointless and dissatisfying that it is unlikely and that "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery" doesn't need to be called in for consolation (if you need any)

Possibly "Great minds think alike"? or maybe as the psychiatrist C G Jung says in his book Man and His Symbols
'The brain never forgets an impression, no matter how slight. The mind has an ability to recall old impressions particularly during a creative process and what is perceived as a "new" creation can in fact be past memories subconsciously recalled. This can give rise to subconscious plagiarism or what psychiatrists call cryptomnesia


RealTime "F2T" Frank Plant & Thomas Charveriat

Can someone tell me or direct me to info on how some of the FreshTexts are published with images and how some come to be published on the home page?