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Re: Re: Re: Request to Safari users

RE(2): RE: Request to Safari users
(msg # 2.1.1: Posted Jul 26, 03 2:06 pm)
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Part of the whole "web art" thing is figuring out how to use a browser's capabilities to accomplish a certain end.
If all you want is a large animated graphic, a streaming movie or Flash animation is a more effective way of doing that.
If your aim is to use HTML to create "art", then you need to accept the browser's capabilities and work within them. That's part of the challenge, and those constraints lead to interesting solutions.

Safari is built to be a good web browser; not an artistic canvas. Animated backgrounds do not enhance the readability or utility value for most users; just like <blink>, it's mostly an annoyance. I think Apple are making the right decision in disabling such a feature


Re: Re: Request to Safari users

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Sylvan RE: Request to Safari users
(msg # 1.: Posted Jul 26, 03 10:52 am)
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I think animated backgrounds are incredibly annoying. I don't miss it as a feature any more than <blink>. :-)

You could use Flash to do what you're trying to do.

Latin Dragon RE: Request to Safari users
(msg # 2.: Posted Jul 26, 03 10:58 am)
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I reported this bug to Apple everytime a new version of Safari was released.

The logic way for people not interested in animated gifs to deal with them, is to have an option in preferences to turn them off

t.whid wrote:

> y, totally, this is bogus!
> too bad dave hyatt doesn't allow comments on his blog anymore.
> On Friday, July 25, 2003, at 03:17 AM, Nick Barker wrote:
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Request to Safari users

Safari does not seem to animate background animated gifs - see
There are only 2 messages at the Apple forums regarding this so I guess it is not an issue for most users so far
As it is probably of more concern to net art viewers/creators I am posting this request for Safari users to report it to Apple using the safari>report bugs to apple feature on the browser
You can visit a page that you know uses animated background images before reporting the bug and that address will be automatically sent as an example



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