nicholas economos
Since the beginning
Works in Shaker Heights, Ohio United States of America

Nicholas Economos is an artist and educator living in sunny Cleveland, Ohio, USA. His art practice includes work in software art, reactive media art, sound, video, and animation. He is an Editor Emeritus for at The New Museum of Contemporary Art in NYC, previously editing content for the web site and the Rhizome Rare email list over numerous years. His awards include an Individual Artist Project Grant in Film, Media, and New Technology Production from the New York State Council on the Arts and an Individual Excellence Award in Media Arts from the Ohio Arts Council.

He has exhibited at Art Interactive in Cambridge, MA, Hallwalls Contemporary Art Center in Buffalo, NY, Art in General in New York City, Fylkingen in Stockholm, Contemporary Arts Center in Cincinnati, SESI Gallery in Sao Paulo City, Window Project Space in Auckland, New Zealand, Visual Studies Workshop in Rochester, Chiangmai New Media Art Festival in Thailand, DigiFest DXNet in Toronto, and the Cyberarts Festival in Boston. He has been a frequent artist-in-residence at the Experimental Television Center in Owego, New York and is included in the DVD anthology, "ETC: 1969 - 2009" covering 40 years of video arts at ETC. He was previously a visiting professor with the Department of Expanded Media at the School of Art and Design at Alfred University in Alfred, NY and now teaches in the T.I.M.E.-Digital Arts Department at The Cleveland Institute of Art.

Music Video Art on the Hudson River

MUSIC VIDEO ART on the river & under the stars

Celebrate summer with EAI at a special open-air video screening on the Hudson River at Pier 63 Maritime.

Wednesday, June 28th 9:00 pm Pier 63 Maritime 23rd Street and the Hudson River (directions below) New York City Admission free

Please join EAI for an outdoor program of alternative music videos and music-based video by artists. The screening will include works by Cory Arcangel, Charles Atlas, Michael Bell-Smith, Johanna Billing, Dara Birnbaum, Meredith Danluck, Devin Flynn, Shana Moulton, Tony Oursler with Sonic Youth, Ara Peterson, Seth Price , and William Wegman.

The videos will be screened on the tented stage at Pier 63 Maritime, the public access pier on the Hudson River. Food and drinks will be available for purchase at the pier.


The artist-made music videos in the program include Charles Atlas' new music video for Antony and the Johnsons, Ara Peterson's pulsing abstract video for Black Dice, Devin Fynn's animated epic for Erase Errata, William Wegman and Robert Breer's classic video for New Order's Blue Monday, and Tony Oursler and Sonic Youth's 1990 tribute to '70s pop star Karen Carpenter.

Other artists manipulate or re-conceive footage from appropriated music videos or live music performances. Cory Arcangel tries to take Simon out of Simon and Garfunkel's 1984 Central Park performance, while Michael Bell-Smith makes an entire R. Kelly DVD happen all at once. Dara Birnbaum integrates the audience and even the weather in her rendition of performances by Radio Fire Fight at the legendary Mudd Club and Glenn Branca.

Other works playfully subvert the music video format, reworking and reinterpreting its rules and strategies. Seth Price uses analogue video graphics to map out a pop history of the music genre ...


DRU CreativeLab workshops at Futuresonic, Manchester, UK

Digital Research Unit presents:


17 - 21 July 2006
Monday - Friday, 11:00 - 17:00 pm
Registration fee: FREE!

**now accepting applications***

WORKSHOP #1 "Game modification - games as audiovisual tools"
BY: Tom Betts & Alison Mealey
WHEN: 17 - 18 - 19 July
Through this workshop you'll learn about game modification and how to
use game generated data as input for audio and/or visuals. We'll look
at level design, game engines and game data, and how to use specific
game generated data (i.e. coordinates) in a Digital Signal Processing

WORKSHOP #2 "Introduction to physical computing"
WHEN: 18 - 19 July
BY: Tuomo Tammenpää & Daniel Blackburn
Interested in making a custom hardware interface for your software
instrument or embedding electronics to your art project but don't know
where to start? Two intensive days will give you an introduction to
physical computing. We will push buttons, lit LED's, make sounds,
detect movement and interface with computer.

WORKSHOP #3 "Controlling sound with the Blender game engine"
WHEN: 19 - 20 - 21 July
BY: Enrike Hurtado & Andy Gracie
This workshop is all about the creation of simple game environments, and
using them to generate sound. During the workshop, a whole system for
game play and audio will be developed and, most important, played
with! The game you'll develop will be playable individually and
over the network.

WORKSHOP #4 "Go Forth! - real-time graphics and 8bit sound"
WHEN: 20 - 21 July
BY: Tom Schouten, Aymeric Mansoux & Marloes de Valk (GOTO10)
Go Forth! is a 2 day workshop in which you will build your own mini 8bit
synthesizer using a PIC chip. Because fresh tunes simply taste better
with some eye candy, we'll also teach you how to make real-time
graphics. Go Forth! is based on 100% FLOSS (Free Libre Open ...


6/29 Thu : one over three: the NY premiere of 1-bit audiovisual ensemble

1/3 - one over three: 1-bit audiovisual ensemble

when: Thur 6.29 (7:30 & 10pm)
where: Monkey Town (58 N 3rd St, Wburg, 781.384.1369)
price: $5
After the 7:30pm show, there will be a brief Q&A with audiences.


c.h.i.a.k.i. aka chiaki watanabe(live visuals),

Tristan Perich of 1BIT music,

Sylwia Mincewicz of The Ambitious Orchestra,

*1/3 is made possible with support from: The Experimental Television Center and Flux Factory


Augmented Reality - My Name is Madison

My Name is Madison
Artist - Matthew Slaats

Taking Madison, WI as its subject, My Name is Madison is an Augmented Reality Game that allows users to explore and interact with the urban landscape from a multitude of perspectives. This project approachs the city as a layered environment. Players understand the development of place through the eyes of history, culture and fantasy.

Using GPS enabled hand held computers, participants take on the roles of both recipient and creator, performance in context. While walking about the streets, they are provided with information that enhances their understanding of the environment and then gives them the tools to create their own interpretations of place. Documentation of these events will be posted to

The project opens as a part of the Games, Learning and Society Conference taking place in Madison, WI June 15-16.


REMINDER: Lenka Dolanova on the Vasulkas tonite

REMINDER: Lenka Dolanova on the Vasulkas tonite @ Messhall in CHI IL .US FREE + OPEN

tonite @ Messhall criticalartware is facilitating a presentation by
Lenka Dolanova on the experimental Media Artists collaborative Woody
+ Steina Vasulka:

Woody + Steina Vasulka have been active in the experimental Media
Artists, Video Art + New Media for nearly 40 years + are, as Lenka
Dolanova writes, committed to "openness to incoming information and
self-transformation through dialog with the machine." Their work
operates from an ethics of sharing and exchange that anticipated the
Open Source movement as well as involving early forms of hardware
hacking, analog computing + machine coding systems to create artware
tools. Dolanova will discuss the Vasulkas art works in relation to
revolutionary politics, access to the tools of production, personal
transformation through technology + hystories of alternative art spaces.


"I want to point to the primary level of codes, notably the binary
code operation, as a principle of imaging and image processing. This
may require accepting and incorporating this primitive structure (the
binary code) into our views of literacy, in the form of binary
language, in order to maintain communication with the primary
materials at all levels and from any distance. The dramatic moment of
the transformation into a binary code of energy events in time, as
they may be derived from light, or the molecular communication of
sound, or from a force field, gravity, or other physical initiation,
has to be realized, in order to appreciate the power of the
organization and transformation of a code."


title: A Syntax of Binary Images dvr: Woody Vasulka date: 1978 uri:


join us for a BYOB Potluck Dinner @ 6 PM + Lenka Dolanova's
presentation @ 7:30 PM. Messhall is located @ 6932 North Glenwood ...