nicholas economos
Since the beginning
Works in Shaker Heights, Ohio United States of America

Nicholas Economos is an artist and educator living in sunny Cleveland, Ohio, USA. His art practice includes work in software art, reactive media art, sound, video, and animation. He is an Editor Emeritus for at The New Museum of Contemporary Art in NYC, previously editing content for the web site and the Rhizome Rare email list over numerous years. His awards include an Individual Artist Project Grant in Film, Media, and New Technology Production from the New York State Council on the Arts and an Individual Excellence Award in Media Arts from the Ohio Arts Council.

He has exhibited at Art Interactive in Cambridge, MA, Hallwalls Contemporary Art Center in Buffalo, NY, Art in General in New York City, Fylkingen in Stockholm, Contemporary Arts Center in Cincinnati, SESI Gallery in Sao Paulo City, Window Project Space in Auckland, New Zealand, Visual Studies Workshop in Rochester, Chiangmai New Media Art Festival in Thailand, DigiFest DXNet in Toronto, and the Cyberarts Festival in Boston. He has been a frequent artist-in-residence at the Experimental Television Center in Owego, New York and is included in the DVD anthology, "ETC: 1969 - 2009" covering 40 years of video arts at ETC. He was previously a visiting professor with the Department of Expanded Media at the School of Art and Design at Alfred University in Alfred, NY and now teaches in the T.I.M.E.-Digital Arts Department at The Cleveland Institute of Art.

Chicago Hackmeeting Call For Participation!

// i am involved in the collective organizing of this event // + i think it is gonna be aweSum! we are trying to widely // circulate this announcement for the Chicago Hackmeeting // so please feel encouraged to resend this out to people. // this is an open call + participation is open to // self-organizing on the Chicago Hackmeeting Wiki // linked below, so login + propose plans for this // FIRST CHICAGO HACKMEETING in October // (2006.10.13 - 2006.10.15) CHI IL .US // @ the new dai5ychain space in Pilsen // jonCates


Calling all free-wheeling free-information free-reproductionistas!

Attention to the hackers who love the streets!

Activists that just want to share resources!

Militant media makers in search of free and open access to knowledge
and ideas!

Develop the first annual Great Lakes Region Chicago-based Hackmeeting!

Give and goto presentations on Free and Open Source Software,
workshops on independent media, hacktivist skill shares, share
socially engaged art projects, brainstorm and develop an agenda for
the technological support of radical social movements in the Great
Lakes Region and beyond!


PERFORMANCES, ETC... + START DEVELOPING THE 2006.10.13 - 2006.10.15


Call for Proposals - LMJ 17: My Favorite Things: The Joy of the Gizmo

Leonardo Music Journal Call for Proposals
LMJ 17: My Favorite Things: The Joy of the Gizmo

If, as Marshall McLuhan so famously suggested, the medium is the message, then the gizmo must be the one-liner. From baroque violinists to laptoppers, sound artists have long fetishized the tools of their trade, the mere naming of which can provoke an instant reaction: Shout "LA-2A," "TR-808," "JTM45" or "Tube Screamer" in a room full of musicians, and you will notice the eyes brighten, the breath shorten and the anecdotes pour forth. But only to a point: Many a "secret weapon" is held close to the chest.

This is the chance to get that secret off your chest: LMJ 17 will address the significance of physical objects in music and sound art in a time of increasing emphasis on software and file exchange. We are soliciting papers (2,000--5,000 words) and briefer artist's statements (500-1,000 words) on the role of purchased or homemade instruments, effect boxes, pieces of studio gear, "bent" toys, self-built circuits, and so on, in your work as a composer, performer, artist, producer, recording engineer, etc. Wherever possible, please include photographs of your subjects (300 ppi TIFFs preferred).

Please submit a brief proposal by 23 October 2006 to Nicolas Collins at <>. Final texts and all materials (text, image, sound file) must be received by 2 January 2007. Contact Nicolas Collins <> with any questions.


Reentry: New York City at EYEBEAM

Reentry: New York City merges iconic night cityscapes with HD computer simulations in a series of studies for a daring new public art project: synthetic meteor showers in the Manhattan sky. Evoking the spectacle of the Apocalyptic Sublime painting movement and the audacity of Land Art, these new simulations created by Bill Dolson during his Eyebeam residency will be on view Sept. 21 through Oct. 21, with a special opening reception Sept. 21, 6-8pm. The exhibition is open to the public Tuesday through Saturday from 12-6pm and is free of charge with a suggested donation. Eyebeam is located at 540 W. 21st Street between 10th & 11th Aves in Chelsea.

Reentry: New York City contains twelve HD videos of synthetic meteor showers envisioned as luminous, ephemeral drawings in the upper atmosphere that will persist for only seconds or at most, minutes. While quite fantastic, the studies are conceived to demonstrate the technological feasibility of the project, established with the contributions of scientists at agencies such as NASA, Ames Research Center and Los Alamos National Laboratory, among many others. Technical and conceptual background information will be explained in an animated demo, short documentary and printed handouts accompanying the exhibition.

Reentry: New York City uses new technologies to draw on the tradition of the early large scale land art first produced in the 1970s by such innovators as Michael Heizer, Robert Smithson, Robert Morris and Walter de Maria, evoking the same sense of daring, wonder and existential awareness which the scale of these seminal works produced. Updated in a scientifically inspired gesture, the synthetic meteors avoid the permanent monumentalism of earlier land art by their dynamic and ephemeral nature.

Reentry New York City recalls the Apocalyptic Sublime, a painting genre of the late 18th and early 19th centuries in Britain, in both content ...


Drunken Boat Announces Issue#8 - A Triple Feature on the PanLit, Oulipo & Canadian Strange

Announcing the premiere of Drunken Boat, the international online journal of the arts, Issue #8. A special triple issue dedicated to the inaugural PanLiterary Awards Winners in seven genres; the spreading potentiality of the Oulipo; and the very strangest of current Canadian Arts and Letters.

Featuring over 125 contributors, including a radio play by Mark Rudman and Martha Plimpton, ambigrams by Doug Hofstadter, archival material from Raymond Queneau and Marcel Duchamp, translations by Cole Swenson and Keith and Rosemarie Waldrop, video from Adeena Karasick, photos by Allyson Clay and Gabor Szilasi, among many others.

Including new work from the PanLiterary Judges: PEN/Faulkner Award winner Sabina Murray, conceptual artist and musician DJ Spooky, poet, translator and librettist, Annie Finch, Fellow of the Royal Geographic Society, Alexandra Tolstoy, trace/Alt-X New Media Award winner Talan Memmott, and video art pioneer and TV interventionist David Hall.

Congratulations to Scott Withiam, Christiana Langenberg, Jason Nelson, Erik Bünger, John Fillwalk, Geoffrey Demarquet and Jacques Leslie for winning the inaugural PanLiterary Awards and thanks to guest curators Jean-Jacques Poucel, Sina Queyras and designer Shawn McKinney for the special folios.

Please consider making a tax-deductible contribution to Drunken Boat to help keep the arts alive online:

Enjoy the issue and let us know what you think. Happy navigating!

-The Editors

Ravi Shankar
Assistant Professor
CCSU - English Dept.


"Project 2006" - 2nd announcement


"Project 2006" - 2nd announcement

1. The "Project 2006"

2. Call for the nomination

3. Nomination Form

4. The schedule


1. The "Project 2006"

From 1995 to 2003, The Machida City Museum of Graphic Arts hosted the " Art on the Net" project promoting the Internet as a space for artistic expression. After the nine years of "Art on the Net," we launched a new event called the "Project" 2004. The "Project" has been calling on artists around the world to investigate together the relationship between Art, the Internet and the Society.

The Exhibition section of the project will feature recent developments in Internet Art and is open to all forms of creative expression that use the Internet as their primary medium.

Although this project is focused on the latest developments in the field of Internet Art, we are also very interested in considering contributions that reflect the influence of Internet Art production on the wider fields of Media-Art, Digital Art, curatorial practice, digital pedagogy, and online publishing.

2. Call for the nomination.

This year, the artworks for the exhibition and the " 2006 prize" will be chosen by our Selection Committee. The members of our committee are;

Mark Amerika, Susan Hazen, Agnese Trocchi, Marco Deseriis, Zeljko Blace and You Minowa.

The theme this year is "Tagging the Present."

The members will make their own nominations, but we will accept nominations from the web also. Please send your nomination to us directly to .

The prize fee for the top selection will be 200,000 yen.

3. Nomination Form

To nominate, please e-mail the following information to us directly:

1. The URL address of your nomination

2. If you are the copyright holder of the nomination, your ...