nicholas economos
Since the beginning
Works in Shaker Heights, Ohio United States of America

Nicholas Economos is an artist and educator living in sunny Cleveland, Ohio, USA. His art practice includes work in software art, reactive media art, sound, video, and animation. He is an Editor Emeritus for at The New Museum of Contemporary Art in NYC, previously editing content for the web site and the Rhizome Rare email list over numerous years. His awards include an Individual Artist Project Grant in Film, Media, and New Technology Production from the New York State Council on the Arts and an Individual Excellence Award in Media Arts from the Ohio Arts Council.

He has exhibited at Art Interactive in Cambridge, MA, Hallwalls Contemporary Art Center in Buffalo, NY, Art in General in New York City, Fylkingen in Stockholm, Contemporary Arts Center in Cincinnati, SESI Gallery in Sao Paulo City, Window Project Space in Auckland, New Zealand, Visual Studies Workshop in Rochester, Chiangmai New Media Art Festival in Thailand, DigiFest DXNet in Toronto, and the Cyberarts Festival in Boston. He has been a frequent artist-in-residence at the Experimental Television Center in Owego, New York and is included in the DVD anthology, "ETC: 1969 - 2009" covering 40 years of video arts at ETC. He was previously a visiting professor with the Department of Expanded Media at the School of Art and Design at Alfred University in Alfred, NY and now teaches in the T.I.M.E.-Digital Arts Department at The Cleveland Institute of Art.

call for submissions net_sight 2006 NetWorkArt Contest „net_sight“ 2006


Since 1998 has been working on a virtual NetSculpture which is constantly growing and branching out. This widely ramified Net – the leased line net – offers a democratic and unbureaucratic access to new communication and information technologies to people engaged in the artistic and cultural sector in the area of Graz apart from e-business and e-commerce. The NetNodeSculpture includes an infrastructure which allows continuous work of art organisations and people engaged in the cultural sector.

In order to be able to experience the virtual space in real public space, initiates a contest for making this virtual sculpture - which is spread over Graz like a network - visible for all.

Target of the contest

For the promotion of NetArt and NetCulture offers the possibility to deal with the community in an artistic way and to implement the winning project.
The virtual sculpture will be transferred to a tangible space in order to be visible also as real locality. Therewith the virtual sculpture becomes a sculpture that can be conceived with all senses in the public space of Graz. The sculpture shall be developed and implemented in various media.

Desired form of submitted projects

desired are...

..artistic projects, which refer and use the contents and infrastructure of, the nodes and/or the

..artistic projects which excel at using unconventional ideas of „Visualization“.

..unrealised projects from the various areas of art; projects which deal with the subject of a NetSculpture. This can be projected in form of media- and space- installations, sound projects, memorial tablets, photo or video projects, as long as it appears meaningful with regard to the subject.
The expression „Visualization“ shall be considered a metaphor and the type of realisation shall not be limited to ...


Concrete Stir Fry Poems by Marko Niemi


Marko Niemi (Finland) has written five "Concrete Stir Fry Poems" that extend the notion of the stir fry form into graphics. Of letters. He has also re-written the programming of the stir fry form in these concrete works. These five works play on relationship, stasis, and dynamism/transformation, among other things. For instance, "still-life" consists of the letters in the word LIFE discombobulatable into parts of each other via moving the mouse over the piece. "four musicians" consists of the letters in the word ECHO. These pieces are quite "concrete" in the Noigandrean sense concerning their simplicity and iconic nature; but they are also contemporary in their algorithmic, generative construction as things written in programming code and graphics of letters. The "Concrete Stir Fry Poems" extend the algorithmic exploration of language and other media implicit in the stir fry form and explores its relations with the earlier work of the concrete poets.



Art, Play and Community on Sept 8th

If you're in NYC on September 8th, please join us at ³Art, Play, and Community² which will celebrate the release of Joline Blais and Jon Ippolito¹s At the Edge of Art and Alex Galloway¹s Gaming. The event will take place at the New Museum Store on September 8th from 6:30-8:30, and will include a brief dialogue with the authors at 7pm. This event is open to non-Members and there is no admission charge. All details can be found here:

All best, Lauren


LIVE NETWORKED_PERFORMANCE - VisitorsStudio. 2nd September 2006.

LIVE NETWORKED_PERFORMANCE - VisitorsStudio. 2nd September 2006. Joberg-Derby-London

Date: Saturday, 2nd September 2006. Time: 4pm (BST) & 5pm (SA time).

A live-online collaborative performance on VisitorsStudio by Nathaniel Stern, Marc Garrett and Ruth Catlow.

Followed by open laptop mixing by audiences and invited local artists at:-

- The Premises Gallery (Johannesburg) - HTTP Gallery (London) - Q Arts (Derby)

The Performance: Nathaniel Stern, Marc Garrett and Ruth Catlow - will peform together for 30 minutes on the VisitorsStudio. Creating an AudioVisual mix, on the theme of UTOPIA - in response to the discussions that has been taking place on the Game/Play blog (

After the 30 minute performance: Everyone is invited to join in and upload their own content to networked, real-time platform, to mix and collaborate from the 3 different venues. Others who cannot make it to the venues are invited to join in and connect from their own homes. Remember, the VisitorsStudio has been designed to allow anyone with a 56k modem to access it from anywhere in the world.

About Files and Software: Get the latest flash player on your computer. File types supported are jpg, png, mp3, flv and swf files, as long as they are under 200k.

All are welcome :-)



PROJECT « » /THE SECOND ROUND / Synchro-Sys: Vienna-Tokyo

if you havent´t participated in round one, we are pleased to invite you to the project:

« • »
Dune & Devil
Synchronization System Vienna – Tokyo

Upcoming streaming dates of the project:

01. Sept. 2006 - Vienna 9:00 a.m. / Tokyo 4:00 p.m.
02. Sept. 2006 - Vienna 9:00 a.m. / Tokyo 4:00 p.m.
03. Sept. 2006 - Vienna 9:00 a.m. / Tokyo 4:00 p.m.
04. Sept. 2006 - Vienna 9:00 a.m. / Tokyo 4:00 p.m.

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Dune & Devil are working on the project «•» since 2003. The general idea explores a space- and timebased phenomenon through communicational technoculture. The aggregation of «•» applies different structures like global positioning systems, audiovisual media, mobile technology, telecommunication tools and specialized software, to experience the stereotopographical synchronization of  two individuals in different urban situations. We are trying to translate this spacial experiment under the condition of a unique geosocial application to translate this individual, cultural and technological impact in our DIY-habitat. The project produces a sociographic disposition of a mixed reality which can be observed through the interface of 

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Dune & Devil
Tina van Duyne & Grischinka Teufl