Since 2009
Works in Varna Bulgaria


Sept - Oct 2008 Grant - artist in residency by REDline’08\_BORDERING ON US programme
in Espaço IMERGE of IDEIAS EMERGENTES (IMERGE) (catalog), (, Porto, Portugal
December 2007 Prize for best artist for 2007 by BULART Gallery, Varna, Bulgaria;
November 2007 Short listed for the International Artist Fellowship Leicester, Leicester, England.
July 2007 Special guest of ESPACE 29 for contemporary art, Bordeaux and LES OUVRIERS DU CHAI, Sainte Foy La Grande, FRANCE;
January - March 2007 Grant - artist in residency in ICC + S-AIR 2006 Exchange Programme, Sapporo, Japan,;
June 2006 First prize for best video clip at STOPPING THE TRAFFIC OF PEOPLE, Varna, Bulgaria;
April 2006 Prize of jury for best video at ON DIFFERENCE # 2, Sofia, Bulgaria,\_en.php?page;
November 2003 First prize for experimental photography at the 1st NATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHIC SALON, Varna, Bulgaria;
2002 Prize for young artist by BULART Gallery, Varna, Bulgaria

May 2007 SEE HOW THE BULGARIAN DOES ART 3, Georgi Velchev Art Gallery Museum, Varna;
April 2007 SEE HOW THE BULGARIAN DOES ART 2, Gallery 8, Varna, Bulgaria; February
2007 Two men exhibition - video art, gallery HIDAMARI, Sapporo, Japan;
February 2005 Exhibition, video art and paintings, Gallery 8, Varna, Bulgaria;
June 2004 Outdoor Sculpture Show, International Theatre Festival Varna Summer, Varna, Bulgaria;
June 2002 MATERIAL EXPRESSION OF PRAYER, or Quintessence of Suffering, Plastic Works of Art of black dough, Art Gallery Artin, Varna, Bulgaria

March 2009 Take Me to the River Exhibition, DEPO, Istanbul, Turkey, curator Cohn Drennan - USA
December 2008 KAUNAS IN ART: “CONTEXTS” festival for contemporary art (catalog),
curator Krzysztof Stanislawski - Poland, Kaunas, Lithuania,
October 2008 REDline’08\_Bordering on Us - International Meeting of Contemporary Art
Community, Identity and Representation, IDEIAS EMERGENTES, Rua Santa Catarina, 777, Porto, Portugal (catalog)
October 2008 10th international panorama of independent films & video makers, Patras, Greece September 2008 Balkan Art Week “What Is White?”, Ada Street Gallery, London, England, curators: Jenny Lee and Piera Ravnikar, (catalog)
August 2008 7th Biennial for Visual Arts “August in Art”, Varna, Bulgaria, curator Philip Zidarov, (catalog)
June 2008 World One Minutes exhibition, Today Art Museum, (catalog), Beijing, China\_id=1
June 2007 4th International festival for contemporary arts, PRODUCT - 2007, Varna, Bulgaria\_07.html;
March 2007 International festival for visual arts, ICC fest - 2007, Sapporo, Japan;
2006, 2005 THE ONE MINUTES AWARDS 2006, video art festival, Amsterdam, The Netherlands ; September 2006 4th International Festival for Sort Films In the Palace, Participation together with 3REC group with the video clip A little Movie against the Violence, Balchik, Bulgaria;
August 2006 5th International Festival of Visual Arts AUGUST IN ART, art-action The Abandon Swimming Pool, curator Neno Belchev, South beach, Varna, Bulgaria\_2006\_en.php?issueID=6;
November 2005 LOOP: The Place for Video Art Lovers 2005, video art festival, Barcelona, Spain;
August 2003 International Biennial CHANGING CHANELLS, London Biennale Pollinations, Berlin, Germany;
June 2003 International Project DIE WOLKE OBLAKAT, Varna, Bulgaria / Kassel, Germany;
December 2002 International Exhibition 14 X 14 EXHIBITION 2002, Century Gallery, London, United Kingdom;\_123\_14x14.htm