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NeMe is a non profit, non government, Cyprus registered cultural organisation founded in November 2004. NeMe works on two platforms - a virtual and an itinerant one - and focuses on contemporary theories and their intersection with the arts.

NeMe's itinerant platform, the "IMCA" (Independent Museum of Contemporary Art) presents NeMe projects which include, exhibitions, performances, new media events, symposia and archives. The form of the IMCA is determined as a practice or process by the nature of each project with the notion of the exhibition "space" being constantly revised and redefined.

NeMe resides in two sites:

* provides a service by publishing critical texts and filtered cultural information which includes arts news, calls as well as providing a forum for public discussion. documents of all NeMe off and on line activities.
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Call for Submissions from Displaced People

Tue May 30, 2006 00:00

Call for Submissions from Displaced People from all disciplines, no age or nationality restrictions.

Artists Sheila Pinkel and Helene Black together with NeMe Interdisciplinary Collective invite submissions for participation in an exhibition to be held in Castelliotissa, Nicosia, Cyprus.

The exhibition will run parallel to the opening weeks of Manifesta 6 which will be held in Nicosia from 23/09/2006 until 17/12/2006

The focus of the exhibition is displacement and memory, whether political, economic or environmental. The exhibition, through connecting different sites and different people will be searching for a contemporary perception of the realities and dilemmas which confront displaced people.

Please submit one work which encapsulates a personal memory, desire or fragment of experience. The size of the submitted work should not exceed A4 (8 1/2" x 11", 21 x 29.5cm) and can also be in any art media including text, poetry, photograph, sketch, painting etc.
Please note that for this exhibition we do not accept video or web art submissions.

NeMe is currently seeking funding to publish a catalogue with a selection of the submissions.

Please visit
for more details about how to submit

Castelliotissa, Nicosia Cyprus

Invitation/Call for works: April 13 - May 31, 2006
Deadline for Works: May 31, 2006
Exhibition: September 30 - October 23, 2006


Web Biennial 2005 e-symposium

Thu Jan 19, 2006 00:00 - Thu Jan 19, 2006

Web Biennial 2005 e-symposium organised by the Istanbul Contemporary Art Museum

Online at Thursday, January 19th, btw 16:00-17:00(GMT). Participants Nina Czegledy (Toronto), Mark Tribe (Rhode Island), Andrej Tisma (Novi Sad), Tim Hailey (New York), Markus Graf (Kadikoy), Genco Gulan (Istanbul), Yiannis Colakides (Cyprus). Working title is: "To Archive or not to Archive".

Java enabled browser required, download free from


Manifesta 6 School, Call for applications

Thu Jan 12, 2006 00:47

The Manifesta 6 School is the central project of Manifesta 6, the European Biennial of Contemporary Art, which will take place in Nicosia from 23 September to 17 December 2006. The School is both the site and the content of the Biennial, and is its sole activity. Conceived and developed by the curators of Manifesta 6, Mai Abu ElDahab, Anton Vidokle and Florian Waldvogel, the School will offer three thematic transdisciplinary departments comprising lecture series, publications, screenings, performances, exhibitions, radio and TV programmes, workshops and other activities.


Influenced by a broad range of critical thinkers including Arundhati Roy, Noam Chomsky and Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak, and inspiring cultural producers as diverse as Laibach, Eyal Weizman, Jerome Bel and Jacques Tati, this department will look at agency and modes of participation within the cultural field on the socio-political scale. It will address the mechanisms employed by power structures such as public institutions, academia, media and corporations, and examine architecture as a significant ideological force. Within this framework, the department advances creative production as a means of individual and social empowerment.


The topics of this department include: 'What's Left?'—why and how advanced culture aligns itself with the politics of progress; 'Poetics of Circulation', which considers the ethical/aesthetic value of inserting poetics and subjectivity into the classical Marxist equation; and 'Recording Nothing', an inquiry into how contemporary artistic and literary works that refer to documents can reveal the withdrawal of what we think is still there after a surpassing disaster. The advisors for this department include: Liam Gillick, Boris Groys, Walid Raad, Martha Rosler, Jalal Toufic and Tirdad Zolghadr.


This department focuses on knowledge production by looking at the methods by which new meanings are produced and disseminated, and at the social and economic transformations induced by movement, both literal and metaphorical. It will look specifically at Cyprus as a case study of complex political reality and location. It will address the bipolarity of nature and nurture within the context of contemporary society in relation to new technologies and examine the language of science as a defining social force in understanding contemporary life on both the individual and social level.

The deadline for the application is 1 March 2006, and the invited participants will be notified by 30 March 2006. There is no fee for participation in the School but participants are responsible for their own living expenses. In some cases, financial support may be available. Check the Manifesta 6 website regularly for updates. Please note that all aspects of the Manifesta 6 School program are subject to change without notice. Manifesta 6 is organised by Nicosia for Art Ltd., member of the Nicosia Municipality, and the International Foundation Manifesta. Manifesta, the European Biennial of Contemporary Art is initiated and co-produced by the International Foundation Manifesta, based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Download the application form from


Articles by Stelarc and Belinda Barnet at NeMe

Following the first Stelarc article NeMe published on 7 Nov 2005
"FROM ZOMBIE TO CYBORG BODIES - Extra Ear, Exoskeleton and Avatars" on
we have now published his remaining two articles submitted to us:
"Suspended Bodies - Uncertain, Anxious and Obsolete" on
and "Prosthetic Head: Intelligence, Awareness and Agency" on

Also now available is Belinda Barnet's
"The Erasure of Technology in Cultural Critique" on focuses on arts calls, news and critical articles.


Stelarc articles

Our site has secured 3 texts by Stelarc which we will be publishing on line in the next 10 days. The first one, FROM ZOMBIE TO CYBORG BODIES - Extra Ear, Exoskeleton and Avatars" is already on line on

Stelarc joins our list of writers we already published which includes Simon Sheikh, Peter Lambert Wilson, Charles Esche, Michael Haerdter, Richard Barbrook, Lev Manovich, Steve Dietz, Paul Vanouse and Nikos Papastergiadis. focuses on arts calls, news and critical articles.