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where r u?

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Re: Bell tolling for PNG graphics format

really interesting article..

it was only recently, whilst installing The Gimp, that i discovered
that the LZW compression used was a proprietry format and required an
extension - to be used only in countries not covered by the unysys
patent (!) - however, the non-commercial/profit nature of the gimp
implies that this should not be a problem anywhere else either (see and )

would be interested to hear of any (attempted) prosecutions for
infringment - anyone ? takes me back to the days when Yves Piguet's
GifBuilder was about as sophisticated as it got (and image crunching
competitions seemed to be geek de rigueur) wonder if the patent is one
of the reasons it's no longer available at

btw.. did the png ever *really* take off ? I never really used them as
compatibility seemed a problem, but that was a while ago i guess...


On Monday, June 9, 2003, at 02:31 pm, t.whid wrote:

> story regarding PNG format and what the expiration of the GIF patent
> means for it.
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