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Re: Turbulence Spotlight: "ASCII BUSH" by Yoshi Sodeoka

this is an incredible piece of work
it could stand on its own as audio,
let alone the ascii promises given herein

"and our union is strong"

the elation of the audio on the applause is truly scary

On 16 Sep 2004, at 18:05, Jo-Anne Green wrote:

> September 16, 2004
> Turbulence Spotlight: "ASCII BUSH" by Yoshi Sodeoka
> ASCII BUSH is an ascii video rendition of two State of the Union
> addresses--one delivered by George W. Bush on January 12, 2003 (just
> before the Iraq war); the other by his father, George H.W. Bush, on
> March 6, 1991 (right after Operation Desert Storm). The goal of the
> project is to "find some artistic meaning in the dreadful and
> painfully long US presidents' speeches, and to investigate the idea of
> recycling and making art out of the debris of our culture."
> Yoshi Sodeoka is a New York based artist and musician who has been
> producing both art and commercial projects for over a decade. His
> interactive digital artwork has been featured on numerous CD-ROMs and
> Web sites and in exhibitions at the San Francisco MoMA, Whitney Museum
> of American Art, Design Museum, Germany and Art & Design Museum
> Brazil. In addition, Sodeoka has lectured widely on the topic of
> digital art and design, and has juried design awards for Art
> Director's Club, New York and the One Club. He was a contributing
> writer for Artbyte magazine for which he wrote a bi-monthly column
> about underground digital culture. Prior to that, he was the founding
> art director of, one of the Web's oldest and most influential
> e-zines, which launched in 1995.
> For more information about Turbulence, please visit
> --
> Jo-Anne Green, Associate Director
> New Radio and Performing Arts, Inc.:
> New York: 917.548.7780


Re: Even the Small Have Birthdays

there are some great pixelated historical entries on this, nice idea.
a litle more on the princeton pixels and how they grew up here

Pixelvision: A Meditation
by Andrew Zolli / for Core77

On 13 Sep 2004, at 08:00, Net Art News wrote:

> September 13, 2004
> Even the Small Have Birthdays
> The subway may be hitting centennial and ol' Times Square clocking
> the same years, but our smallest 'picture element' has a birthday
> coming, too. And this time, it won’t be overlooked. In 1954,
> Princeton researchers created the first computer graphic, and
> consequently, our first pixel. 2004 marks the pixel's 50th birthday,
> and intends to celebrate. A timeline depicting history
> in all its pixilated glory, curates pixelart submissions
> for each year of the pixel - from its Jersey birth to its ubiquitous
> middle age. The release of Windows95, Tupac's death, and the
> millennium bug are milestones of the last decade. In its entirety, the
> pixel timeline is akin to the Academy's lifetime achievement award, or
> an A&E biography, just a bit more squared around the edges. Sixteen
> countries and 24 artists currently represent pixelgala, and the
> timeline still needs stuffing. The template for submissions can be
> found online at the gala. Call for ! work expires on Sunday 28th
> November 2004 12pm GMT. - Alyssa Wright


Re: bush speeches

more for your enjoyment

and something from dissension convention,
a banner text remixer for bush's rnc address, dir has html code and swf
feel free to republish, just mail me with your domain so the code works


On 10 Sep 2004, at 19:22, t.whid wrote:

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MULTI-av : A Cross-Continental Audio-Visual Jam

MULTI-av A Cross-Continental Audio-Visual Jam

Part of the 2004 Sonic Circuits DC Festival @ Flashpoint
916 G St. NW Washington, DC.

Friday 10th September 2004
21.30 - 22.30 EST [02.30 - 03.30 BST]

featuring :

Mikroknytes [USA]
Sawtooth [UK]
Stalker [Australia]

Using the Internet and web based computer application, Visitors Studio,
live digital video and audio will be mixed from all three continents,
broadcast online and projected in the gallery.

The live show at Flashpoint will also feature performances in the
gallery by Sutekh and Portable.



Visitors Studio

Mikroknytes [USA]

Sawtooth [UK]

Darren Ziesing aka Stalker [Australia]

Sutekh [USA]

Portable (Background Records) [South Africa]


The TECHCLUB performance series began in the Spring of 2003 with the
event OPEN MINIJAX. Derek Morton, an artist and an independent promoter
of experimental media in Washington DC began TECHCLUB seeking to build
community among like-minded artist and musicians who explored their
artistic expression through creative uses of technology. TECHCLUB will
showcase a diversity of talent from the halls of Academia to regional
emerging artists new to their medium.

The Visitors Studio is Furtherfield project - an open, multi-user,
online arena for creative dialogue, and collective performance where we
invite you to chat, mix and upload files to participate in the creation
of new work.