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Re: Re: "Exclusive"

Lewis LaCook wrote:

> i agree with you....what has saddened me in the post-9/11 world is just this characterization....the terrorists were exclusively murderers, we had no blame, despite a blighted social policy in afghanistan and our own murders there...

depressing indeed .. I read this while listening to a debate on the radio..
"Afghan asylum seekers in the UK are to be given up to



Re: Flash Explores New Angles

> how this could be pushed further and that this kind of smooth mixed-media delivery is
> possible even with a flash which is not always as slick as it claims to be.

keep pushing ! one of flash's pro points is that it can stream media, so like you jess, i had
to sit tight on my 56kbps modem waiting for this to download before I could watch it .. t.whid
mentioned the requiem for a dream site (which streams) which I'm sure must have influenced this
piece (the distortion/pixelated bitmaps particularly)

> To be honest, the content washed over me.

.. me too, all i kept thinking about (apart from what are those maggot things ?) was that
bloody dancing baby from ally mcbeal

> too busy looking at the video/mx elements which it was given as an
> example of.

didn't see <that> much video ! and nothing else,actionscript or otherwise jumped out and got me
excited... i agree with lewis, this could all have been achieved in an earlier version of
flash to the same effect; take a look at 'journey on' by blast radius (or any of the other
flash pieces on their site) - - ok it doesn't stream, and it's
<very> graphic-y, but the videoesque (photo) animations are well nicely executed :)



Re: The Artist speaking of his Brushes etc and other stuff

Pall Thayer wrote:

> ...we have alot of people who are good coders and bad artists and good artists but bad coders....

what i want to see is bad coders and bad artists combined :)


Re: all touch, but no contact

all mouth and no trousers :-D

Curt Cloninger wrote:

> gedanken:
> Among hackers, accordingly, the word has a pejorative connotation. It
> is typically used of a project, especially one in artificial
> intelligence research, that is written up in grand detail (typically
> as a Ph.D. thesis) without ever being implemented to any great
> extent. Such a project is usually perpetrated by people who aren't
> very good hackers or find programming distasteful or are just in a
> hurry. A "gedanken thesis" is usually marked by an obvious lack of
> intuition about what is programmable and what is not, and about what
> does and does not constitute a clear specification of an algorithm.
> - jargon file 4.2.0
> "Right now it's only a notion, but I think I can turn it into a
> concept, and then turn it into an idea."
> - LA party chatter from Annie Hall
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