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Re: "digital poetry" vs net art

sometimes the destinction is clouded
constructed around the net(.)work
the original poem also exists in it's own right
but your visit creates a unique iteration
orbital, a generative poetry engine
two one two dot two two eight dot one zero seven dot two four zero...

"Marisa S. Olson" wrote:

> >Are "digital poetry" and net art two distinct genres? And, perhaps
> >more importantly, should they be?
> lewis,
> an interesting question, though i do wonder if "digital poetry" isn't
> a romanticization of work (text-based or otherwise) constructed
> and/or experienced in/with digital media.
> of course you know that your question involves defining the
> "products" of two practices that tend to defy
> definition--particularly among these object-oriented lines. however,
> i would most certainly say that there is a "poetics" of "net art," in
> the sense that there are specific rhetorical, narratological,
> structural conditions under which the work is made, represented,
> distributed, accessed, interpreted, etc.. the means, modes, and
> vehicles by which it signifies....
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Re: All you need is luv.[ yet another worthless Kandinskijthread ]

-IID42 Kandinskij @27+" wrote:

> You will get as much out of this intercation as you put into it.

interesting word - somewhere between interaction and altercation ?



Tue Oct 22, 2002 00:00 - Sun Oct 20, 2002

identity . displacement . exile . hybridity . cultural experience . politics
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Re: kch (fwd)

> > hihi. super cool. im ur biggest fan !!!
> Avoid sending me personal off-list e-mail. Thank you.

ditto myopic egotistical knee-jerk