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Re: Re: fresh air & real soul...

On Monday, June 2, 2003, at 10:31 pm, t.whid wrote:

> I'll withhold my opinion of Jess's piece and crit the critics.

i'd sure like to know what you thought about it if you are willing to

> It seems to me that the good-natured back-slapping copied below is all
> fine and good for dilettantes, amateurs and 'sunday painters',

happy with being a dilettante.. painting never was my forte, i'll stick
to 'dabbling'

> but I've always felt that Rhizome should be more than a mutual
> applause society. We should strive for professional level of critique.
> I'm not saying it's wrong to toss off some quick praise for a piece,
> but I would hate to see Rhizome descend into a perpetual 'i'm ok,
> you're ok' session.

sure, but then rhizome has always been open.. from karei's rants to
manik's beginners; sometimes an immediate piece of work initiates
nothing, sometimes an immediate reaction; a piece posted with a
humourous nudge and wink or a cynical dig often draws more reaction
than the originator had thought..

> Of course, artists are the worst critics there are.

its a wonder anyone listens to this stuff then...

> jealousy and/or one's own blinders get in the way more often than not.
> It would be nice if we had a house critic like Blackhawk over on
> thingist
> Vague sentiments of praise are no more materially helpful to an artist
> than vague insults, tho the praise feels much better. I would rather
> have no 'social integration' with pithy remarks eviscerating a piece
> of mine than all the good natured cheers combined.

damn, cos i really like 5 short videos.. please don't be insulted..

> What gets me about this praise, which may be my inference totally, is
> that it goes beyond back-slapping to head-patting. I've met Jess, she
> definitely doesn't need her head patted.
> At 21:37 +0100 6/2/03, furtherfield wrote:
>> After all the continual cynicism on here & lack of social intigration
>> grace,
>> this blows it all away.
>> I love the soul here - it communicates, its with you, its real & is
>> not
>> pretentious or self-conscious.
>> Thanx Jess - breath of fresh air...beautiful.
> At 18:35 +0100 6/2/03, ruth catlow wrote:
>> I love this piece of work!
>> beautiful choreography- have they been dancing long?
> At 18:57 +0100 6/2/03, neil jenkins wrote:
>> fantastic jess..
>> if only my video camera were working, I'd be
>> creating a 'fingermouse' remix
> At 12:09 -0700 6/2/03, Michael Szpakowski wrote:
>> I totally agree with all the acclaim.
>> It's a beautiful piece of work - both funny and
>> moving.
>> You do yourself a disservice by your diffidence about
>> the piece.
>> I think you've done something that has way more
>> resonance than maybe you thought it had to start with.
> At 17:11 -0400 6/2/03, Lewis LaCook wrote:
>> better than anything i could ever do---
>> (which is probably why i'm thinking about quitting...)
>> bliss
>> l
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Re: lapdance: new ''''work''''

fantastic jess..
if only my video camera were working, I'd be
creating a 'fingermouse' remix



On Monday, June 2, 2003, at 05:13 pm, Jess Loseby wrote:

> the word ''work'' used in the broadest possible sense of the word.
> ...what can I say my internet connection was down and I had
> (literally) far too much time
> on my hands this morning. (and I thought it was funny)
> lapdance
> flash 6 + sound
> (rough on a dial-up, sorry)
> jess.
> o
> /^
> ][
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Re: Re: Re: Re: curating the curators

alternatively, a whisky tin will also do the trick :)

security wise, yes it's rather difficult, unless they've left
themselves open...

+some useful links

:) n

On Saturday, May 17, 2003, at 07:54 am, Ivan Pope wrote:

>>> neil jenkins (devoid) once told me you could tap into broadband using
>>> something like some basic cabling and a empty box of pringles.
>>> Seeing as my connection is my biggest outgoing - that's what I'd like
>>> to
>>> know how to set up - preferably without getting arrested of course
>>> (wimp)
>> Umm, Pringles. I belive these come with a-pinch-of-salt-flavor. Are
>> you sure
>> this was not the snack of choice as the cabling was installed? Then
>> again, the
>> Captain Crunch whistle made some noise once upon a time...
> You can make a wireless antenna out of an empty pringles can. I guess
> you
> can use this to pick up someone elses wireless bandwidth, if they have
> no
> security, and away you go.
> Cheers, Ivan


Fwd: Be exquisite!

Begin forwarded message:

> From: cadavresexquisflash <>
> Date: Mon May 5, 2003 1:27:53 pm Europe/London
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> Subject: Be exquisite!
> Hi!
> cadavresexquisflash is a new Flash community where you are invited to
> exchange and experiment with other digital creators. It is based on
> the cadavre exquis (exquisite corpse), a game of collective creation,
> invented in the beginning of the last century by surrealist poets.
> The cadavre exquis is a game of folded paper which consists of
> creating a sentence or a drawing with several people without anybody
> being fully able to take into account the collaboration of the others.
> The results are often surprising, the artistic mind being freed from
> the usual logical constraints.
> Several experiments were carried out from this basic idea, u0sing
> text, images, video or music. cadavresexquisflash is the first Web
> community in which the parts of the cadavre exquis are created with
> Flash. The result: a true multimedia cadavre exquis.
> Be exquisite! Come take a look and put your creativity to the test!
> cadavresexquisflash


Re: two from sondheim.exe

Hi Lewis
nice work.. would be interesting if the users text could also be added
to the existing words..
have you seen the benedictionary ? it doesn't alter as you type but is
a nice way of dyslexing your text :)