Neftali Carreira
Since 2006
Works in United States of America

My body of work consists mostly of multiple approaches to art providing ways to interact with the images and objects presented in other to create an open dialogue in relation to the conditions that global contemporary culture have brought to the environment. The artwork stands in particular by the various ways to approach specific situations to the status quo analyzing the usage of
materials with a conceptual style simplifying the way to produce humorous, controversial and challenging ideas.
As a catalyst art expresses a multiple approach to its creations, which capture the concepts of the present, where contemporary art have engage a respond to situations that affect our conception of
lifestyles and nature. The mediums of preference are installations, interventions, photography, video, printmaking and painting. The overall theme of my work is the connection between the poetic,emotional, spiritual and intellectual human phases in relation to nature.
Art those provide the public a different approach to interact in spaces creating sensorial experiences which fuses different disciples. These aspects of an interdisciplinary approach are an elemental point in the process of construction with a poetic engagement to art that stimulates awareness to our surroundings.
My work deals with the challenges that are brought to make a wider social experience out of art.