Nate Pagel
Since 2004
Works in San Francisco United States of America

Nate Pagel is a media artist who collaborates with choreographers, composers, programmers and designers to create theatrical performances, installation works and works for DVD. With Architecture Professor Marcos Novak, he created the first use in history of a purely artistic, shared, immersive virtual environment over the Internet in conjunction with the Electronic Café International in Santa Monica and the University of Texas. Pagel’s collaborations with the Sharir Dance Company, using video in conjunction with interactive technology and live performance, have been performed for audiences internationally.

Pagel's work has been shown at conferences, galleries and performances in Austin, Boulder, Chicago, Los Angeles, Milwaukee, New London (Connecticut), New York City, Oberlin, Salt Lake City, San Francisco, San Jose, Santa Monica, Tempe, Amsterdam, Hanover, Klagenfurt (Austria), Lisbon, London, Oslo, Rotterdam, and Sydney.

Pagel is also an accomplished designer, writer, teacher and entrepreneur. Commercial projects on which he has collaborated have won more than 40 industry design awards. This summer, he will be teaching at the Institute for Digital Performing arts in Costa Rica.

More info about his current project, Mass Transit, is available online at .