Narasimha Murthy Gollapudi
Since 2007
Works in Hyderabad India

Born in India into the wonderful Gollapudi family in 1965, I was always encouraged by my parents to express myself fully. This gift of natural curiosity and the free will to just wonder nurtured my Soul. One taste of the creative juice, the immortalizing nectar... the potion of Gods...and I am hooked forever.

My name is Narasimhamurthy Gollapudi.

I was born and brought up in India and I grew up in America, after we as a family moved when I was a teenager.

I consider the whole world my home... these boundaries are only for politicians to fight over. The real people are more free... because we are all One in Spirit...all differences are only on the outside...but we all feel happy and sad, and sometimes want to just get up late and lie down in bed all day watching mindless tv!

My artwork at the fundamental level tries to focus on this common aspects of being Human. I want to paint stuff that resonates with All people of the long as you are a thinking , feeling human will find something that will resonate with you... and that my friends is what sharing is all about....I on this side of the world and you on the other side can feel the same thing...don't you think that this is something we should celebrate ...and enjoy and cherish?

So put all your thoughts and feelings aside and just open up to the art in front of you...spend some time looking at it...relax...don't think.... let the thoughts come to you naturally...there's no need to force the thoughts and ideas...and if you don't agree with problem, no harm just didn't like it ..that's all!!...It's that just look at another work of art.
See! we unnecessarily complicate things... I certainly do!...and that's why I see what's inside Me....just curious...I may like it...or maybe not...I am not influenced by my feelings, but I am curious to see it outside on the canvas... let it be...It has a right to be expressed...after all did not my parents say the same thing about me...isn't that how I got here in the first place.? Let every one Be...
everything , trust me everything in this Universe is Beautiful and ugly at the same time... if we choose to see the Beauty in it...we see the beauty... it's up to our perspective.
Now enjoy.
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my name is narasimha murthy gollapudi. I am from India....rather , I consider myself a citizen of the world...and I believe I belong everywhere. Coming from Indian culture I see everyday this madness by the corporate its greed driven policies and dare I say strategies...for truly speaking I do not see any strategy in their version of the word...anyway, I am reading Buckminister Fuller's Critical path... perhaps that is influencing my current thinking.... Patents are about making denying others simultaneously the said methods or practices... it implies that thoughts are unique and only few can have these thoughts and others are not capable of the very same thoughts (and ideas)...
well my take is...thanks for staying with me so far... given a particular problem, a (set of) possible solution(s) presents itself.... unique to that particular problem....and it is this ...[[a solution]]...that is being attempted to be patented....
In my humble opinion
nothing to be worried about!
I for one believe in Human ingenuity... I see many examples in India everyday...
Mind you- I am not even remotely advocating copying...please never assume that... I am interested in Original thoughts and ideas... and the Patent system is a feeble attempt to recognise the efforts of humans (..everywhere?...)
One additional thought... Lets say one has legitimately invented say something like a floppy disk, or a cassette... well we all know that patent is probably collecting dust lets not assume, especially when technology is part of the equation the future this patent in any way restrict anyone's freedom of expression, or even inhibit ideas! fact as it is doing will stimulate new ways of thinking ...if only to circumvent it!
Thanks for listening.
narasimha murthy gollapudi