Nana Seo Eun-A
Since 2010

About the Curator:
Nana Seo Eun-A is a Hong Kong based curator and art researcher, born in Busan. Nana Seo has been working at various international projects in museums, creative art spaces, and art festivals in Asia, her selected works are included at 8th Gwangju Biennale 2010; APAP 2010; October Contemporary 09’; LOOP Video Festival 09’; 3rd Guangzhou Triennial 08’; Shanghai eARTs Festival 07’; 52nd La Biennale de Venezia 07’. In Hong Kong, she has curated //FREE RIDER //: (2011) ; DUBBLE HAPPINESS: A Story of Siamese Cities (2010) ; Night Light Graffiti (2009) ;Quick Shots (2009) ; FEIGNED INNOCENCE - The other eyes (2009) and more. Her writings have been featured in art IN ASIA, art in culture and ISSUE magazine. Recently, she has been selected as ‘Global Korean’ curator in 2011. (

Nana Seo (Curator)
+852 61440450