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Sound Garden by Norbert Herber

Mon Feb 26, 2007 00:00 - Mon Feb 26, 2007

Sound Garden
asynchronous improvisation by Norbert Herber + others
telematic environment for musical becoming & interaction

Project URL: http://www.x-tet.com/soundgarden
Web stream: http://hannibal.ucs.indiana.edu:8000/live.m3u
Installation: Radio-TV Center (WTIU, WFIU, Department of Telecommunications) IU Bloomington campus

Sound Garden is the second work in a series of musical installations that explore the relationship of people, location, and audio relative to technology. Listeners use the online interface to tend their sonic environment and take an active role in its composition and care. Using a web browser to select from a menu, participants can contribute their own digital audio files (musical material, voice and environmental recordings, etc.) and become gardeners that help to form the overall sonic landscape of Sound Garden.

Help cultivate the garden with your own short recordings, samples, soundscapes, and found sonic objects. Visit www.x-tet.com/soundgarden and access the web interface to "plant" MP3 files you would like to hear, or "prune" the garden and uproot files planted by others.

Sound Garden can be heard live over the Internet at http://hannibal.ucs.indiana.edu:8000/live.m3u using iTunes, Real Player, WinAmp, or Windows Media Player.