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My work for the web has been included in Rhizome's Artbase,,, Machinista 2003/Artificial Intelligence and Art,,, It has been shown at the Fredericton Independent Film & Video Alliance Conference, and supported by the Banff Centre's New Media program. In 2005 one of my pieces was nominated for a Viper International award. My project "Bstat Zero" will be featured in February 2006 as an Artport project of the Whitney Museum Of Art. I have been a guest panelist at Banff and founded Manitoba Visual Arts Network in 1994. I've been a member of Rhizome from its first year. My personal web site is

I started my career as a printmaker, moved into photo-based art, and in 1990 began using computers in my work. My work has appeared throughout Canada both in public galleries and artist-run centers. I have also exhibited in the U.S., Great Britain and South America. My woodcut prints interpreting zoomed digital images have twice won awards at the Boston Printmakers' "North American Print" biennial and have been shown in various print competitions and venues, including The Print Center (Philadelphia) and International Print Center New York.
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Re-Reading the News


"Re-reading" downloads the front page of newspapers as essentially raw
data, enabling users to reformat it to their own specifications. The raw
data appears in one browser window, reformatting occurs in a second. It
sees the newspaper's format as a tendentious metaphor, an interface for
controlling our responses. "Re-reading" interrupts with this effort at
offering the raw data out which we can form our
own patterns, placing us back at the center of confusion from which
the desire for metaphor (and interface) springs. The project
makes extensive use of the W3C Document Object Model.


wesbsite: Old News

Old News is a sequence of brief interconnecting meditations/prose poems set
in a context of current news headlines and photos, which are constantly being
updated from various news sources.
A variety of technical means are used to emphasize, connect, and expand
The subjects are aging, with the consequent decline and unpredictability of the
body, the inexplicability of one's own history, and external history and events
as mirrored metaphorically in one's personal history and bodily condition.

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