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What I want is who ever put that fluorescent green BGcolor on this thread to
disable it, stop forwarding the HTML. thxs. ;) Damn green is blinding in
this snake hole!

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We have several options for battles online.

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We can take it to these legendary newsgroups:

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Or Informera Style, a WWF style live 48 hr exhaustive match:

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Create a new list on Rhizome, call it RAW_WAR
and have everyone post away!!

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Check this too, battle of the newsgroup biggies:
"Two of the most outspoken members of the alt.rap and
Usenet newsgroups have decided to go against each other track for track. You
can decide the winner, by downloading and listening to the mp3s below, and
making your decision. You can also leave love letters and hatemail in the
convenient comments book underneath the voting poll... go nuts..."

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Collect my playing card!

on 9/9/02 8:44 AM, manik manik@ptt.yu ecrit :

> I second that notion (Stop the hate, spread the love)That's we want:to show
> endles stupidity of ad infinitum ego trips.REVOLUTION is key word.But,we
> wonder how to aproach to this term "revolution"(in generl way),without make
> playground?Also,we stadied about posibiliti to "make revolution".Tricky
> thing(see R.Barthes, for example).In MANIK-s case chat with Kandiskij was
> sucesfully way to make clear important issue.This person was kind of triger
> for reaction like yours,and,posibly somebody alse.So,we dont hate,actualy I
> like hisreric&fluxfull people like karei,but he/she is wery artistic(it's
> nice,on some twisted way).If somebody answer to this atempt to make posible
> dialogue about revolution(whatewer it is),we are goin to be carefuly
> listeners.
> Best wishies
> ----- Original Message -----
> From: Lee Wells
> To: Joao Pedro ;
> Sent: Monday, September 09, 2002 5:05 AM
> Subject: RHIZOME_RAW: I second that notion (Stop the hate, spread the love)
> Hello all
> I do wonder why artists have such a hard time getting along with each other.
> Please put your egos to rest and lets all try to be constructive towards each
> other.
> Critique dont insult. For the most part this list is great but I really hate
> having to delete most of the messages due to childish rants and raves. I think
> we are above the level of an aol teen chat room.
> I hope the others that have been sitting on the rhizome fringes will come
> forth and let the kids know enough is enough. We've got a revolution to plan.
> The time was now, now its then!
> Cheers
> Lee
> on 9/8/02 5:19 PM, Joao Pedro at wrote:
> ----- Original Message -----
> From: Joao Pedro <>
> To:
> Cc: Oliveira Pereira <>
> Sent: Sunday, September 08, 2002 10:06 PM
> Subject: RHIZOME RAW: affirmation against reaction
> Some people seems haven't nothing better to do than insulting each other, in a
> negative reaction, with a segregatives sentences or with the famous "no", the
> terrible "no" than i reject in absolute!
> You know one thing? This expression of reaction, make me laugh, with a
> Dionysus joy, the affirmation of live and i said: be positive, making things,
> don't insulting, don't answer to another with the fascist "no"!
> Joao Pedro


bomber beuys

on 9/9/02 9:45 AM, -IID42 Kandinskij @27+ ecrit :

> Surviving the devastation of World War II, Beuys [...]

I thought that was'nt proven & It was only a myth?? Anyone know bout this?



Re: .fwd [artistic.relativity +self.destructive wishes]

on 9/9/02 10:59 AM, -IID42 Kandinskij @27+ ecrit :

> And let's hear it for those who pad their careers with idiotic comments
> about America--then we can have a lenthy arty discussion about idiotic,
> hapless, uninformed redistribution of images of destruction and
> sympathetic magic.


And they don't stop do they?!
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(O /O "Cut off the head of a snake
| / | and it will grow another"
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Re: all is God

> On Mon, 9 Sep 2002, Christopher Fahey [askrom] wrote:
>> Pathetic childish behavior #1:

Yes!!! I made it into the screenshot!!! Can't wait 'till I tell all my folks
back home!

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>> On Sat, 7 Sep 2002, manik wrote:
>> Max Herman is my man.KANdinskij is Max's inwention.

Karei is Max? That's a funny one. I'm betting $50 that Karei isn't Max.

I am actually more curious to know who you are, Manix? Or who told you about

And while we're at it

Who is Natalie Myers?


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