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Augmented/Mixed Reality Performance Collaboration

Fri Apr 27, 2012 09:05

Misprint Thursday is an artist working primarily in the digital realm. She has recently been awarded a virtual land grant through the Linden Endowment for the Arts. She is seeking performance artists to collaborate with on interactive, mixed reality and augmented reality works.

Do you want to incorporate texting, emailing or phone calls in your performance?

Do you want to interact with your audience making them participants through mediated devices?

Do you want to augment your performance with projected real time graphic interactivity?

If you answer yes to any of the following Misprint Thursday would like to hear from you!

To be eligible to apply please meet the following criteria:

You perform or screen something somewhere real in front of real people
You want to include projected interactive media in your performance
You have a sincere interest in collaboration toward computer mediated augmented performance
The final goal of the project is to focus on the scripted virtual world as a tool and creative platform to project outward on to your performance. The direction of emphasis is on the real life performance versus the virtual performance.

The performance collaboration development would begin in May and the performance must be complete by mid August.

The performer is required to provide the onsite tools of projector, internet access and suitable computer. Technical assistance can be offered depending on the location of the performance.

This is an experiment.
You are invited to join.
Please apply.



V A N E E E S A B L A Y L O C K / C O M P A N Y at Mausoleum LEA 14

Sat Feb 11, 2012 12:00 - Sat Feb 11, 2012

VB32 – Shit Happens

In our performance of Shit Happens, participants will create a mound of virtual goods: clothing, objects, whatever they posses and use, and stand in the middle of their pile of stuff.

Saturday 2012 February 11
• Noon – 1pm SLT / 8-9pm GMT – Arrange your stuff
• 1-3pm SLT / 9-11pm GMT – Stand in the middle of your stuff.

Misprint Thursday’s Mausoleum
Linden Endowment for the Arts, LEA-14

Read more about Linden Endowment for the Arts here:


InterACT-Senses Places

Sat Oct 15, 2011 02:00 - Sat Oct 15, 2011

InterACT!, curated by L1Aura Loire/Lori Landay
Opening October 15, 2 pm PDT
Virtual art can invite, or even insist, that you interact with it. The artists in this exhibition cleverly and creatively make art out of interactions between data, objects, actions, and people within and beyond the virtual world in a stunning array of installations and experiences that stretch the possibilities of virtual art. Expect the unexpected, and click whenever you can.
2PM PDT: Interactive Performance @SENSES PLACES mixed reality dance-technology environment
Senses Places is a playful mixed reality performance environment for audience participation. An ongoing dance-technology collaboration generating whole body multimodal interfacings keen to a somatic cross-cultural dance approach. Senses Places stresses the awareness and integration of simultaneous sensory-perceptions, local-remote embodied connections, a place where participants and environments meet and engage kinesthetic/synesthetically.
What emerging embodied realities and cultural specific exchanges will surface in the multi-participant multifaceted involvement? Linked accumulatively or not to the suggested interfaces: Livestream, webcam, Wiimote©, and soon Kinect©, it will all depend on the participants’ interactive experience with their own and each other’s physical bodies, video mediations, avatar moves, and/or environmental changes.
Senses Places - Mixed Reality Participatory Performance Environment by:
Butler2 Evelyn/Isabel Valverde, PT
Toddles Lightworker/Todd Cochrane, NZ
In Yan/Keiji Mitsubuchi, JP
Island Habana/Yukihiko Yoshida; JP
Anisabel/Ana Moura, PT
Also Physical site @ Ler Devagar, Rua Rodrigues Faria,, Lx Factory, 1300-501 Alcântara, Lisboa, PORTUGAL 
(Antiga Gráfica Mirandela em Alcântara) 103 - Ed. G - 0.3,
Installations by:
AM Radio
Eupalinos Ugajin
Glyph Graves
Lorin Tone
Maya Paris
Misprint Thursday
PinkPink Sorbet
Selavy Oh


Visualizing Theorem

Sat Apr 02, 2011 01:00 - Sat Apr 09, 2011

The creative forces of art, music and science collide in this new sim wide art exhibit at University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA).  The installations are based on tracks from real life album ‘Theorem’ produced by Ulf Skogsbergh which is the result of online collaboration between ten musicians from social networking website-‘Indaba Music.’
Curated in Second Life ™  by conceptual artist, Misprint Thursday-this new exhibit brings together well respected virtual artists and features sixteen installations which are based on the science and math theories explored in the album.
In the exhibit, the work of the artists range from performance, to detailed steam punk style machines, interactive work, and minimal conceptual work. Each of the contributing artists selected a track from the album ‘Theorem’ to work from as their inspiration. The theories range from space-time, to special relativity, to genetic theory as well as some philosophy and computer programming ideas. 
Visitors to the exhibit can view immersive art pieces; play tracks from ‘Theorem’ and listen to dream like soundscapes set at the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) sim. 
Wear the HUD provided in the invite object and at the exhibit landing point.  Use it for an easy tour of all builds or take the separate teleports located at each installation. Bring friends for a social experience, or relax to the superb music while travelling the whole sim solo.
Participating Artists:
AM Radio, Betty Tureaud, Binary Quandry, Blue Tsuki, Dekka Raymaker, Desdemona Enfield, Douglas Story, Formatting Heliosense, March Macbain, Miso Susanowa, Misprint Thursday, Oberon Onmura, , Penumbra Carter, Pinkpink Sorbet,  pixel Reanimator, Scarp Godenot, Sledge Roffo and Werner Kurosawa

Exhibit photo: Werner Kurosawa aka Werner Van dermeersch


Visualizing Theorem-Flat Time (1)

Sun Apr 03, 2011 00:00 - Mon Apr 04, 2011

Flat Time is a series of performances by pixel Reanimator in Second Life in conjunction with the exhibit Visualizing Theorem.  The digital performances investigate spacetime and virtual realitiy.
Flat Time provides a 'bridge' to the virtual, by transposing the language of 'objects - in - space' into one of 'time - and - event', for us to arrive at the language of 'virtual objects in space' being transposed into one of 'time - and - virtual - event'... 
Flat Time / OHO Performance Schedule: 
1. Theory Presentation Event – ( Sunday April 3rd )
pixel will be at the event venue for 12 hours – 
Starting at 8:00 AM BST / 12:00 Midnight PDT  
Text to Screen will start at 7:30 PM BST  / 11:30 AM PDT
The Text will last approximately just under 18 minutes 
Please Note – The Text is the focal point of these three events
(there are also additional resources at the venue)
2.  Virtual Least Event – ( Sunday April 10th )
Spectators will be invited to participate – 
Starting at 7:00 PM BST  / 11:00 AM PDT 
The event will last as long as spectators are comfortable participating
pixel will ask spectators to log-of and log-on for a series of 'Least Event' Rez recordings, 
(these may be screen-shots or Videos), 
Second Life least events of... duration x impulse...
3. Virtual Event – Encoded – ( Sunday April 17th )
Virtual Running Event – Theory Does Not Put Oxygen Into Your Lungs
pixel will be at the event venue for 4 hours – 
Starting at 12:00 Midday BST / 4:00 AM PDT... finishing at 4:00 PM BST  / 8:00 AM PDT
This performance event will have the introduction and implementation of a set of 'virtual event system values – indicative codes'
These three events should be seen, each as one third, of the whole...
About the artist: