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We Are Having Weather

Fri May 01, 2009 00:00

The Weather Photos blog was started in the Spring of 2008, as a venue where people would use photographs to express their relationship with the weather. Participants from around the world have posted hundreds of photos, and we continue to seek out other people, artists and non-artists alike, who will share their photos for a two week period.

If you would like to participate simply go to the blog and sign up. You will then be hooked up with a partner based on your stated preferences, and scheduled for a two week period in which to post. We are interested in the personal and sometimes subtle shifts in emotion or mood that might be portrayed in your photos, so you can use this project as a way to get to know someone better or to develop ties to someone new. You might choose to participate from home or maybe you will be traveling and want to share your photos with a partner in your hometown. And if your job is weather-dependent we will be extremely happy if you participate.

All of the photo sets remain on blog, which has become a reference for both weather and emotion, across geography and time.

Note that there is no deadline for signing up, but it can take a few weeks after you sign up for us to find you a partner.