militia shimkovitz
Since 2009
Works in United States of America

“MACHO MEL” SHIMKOVITZ (aka Melissa, Militia, Shim. Co.) is a drawer, interactive alternative universe creator, and novice mentalist splitting time between Brookyln, NY and mile marker 31, New Mexico. Her work has been shown recently at Capricious Space (Brooklyn), Pripublikarrak & Nontzeberri (Barcelona), East 13th Street Gallery (New York), Roodkapje Gallery (Rotterdam) and Unitard Gallery (LA). Publications include Blend Magazine (Amsterdam), Anthem (US), Coquetel Molotov (Rio de Janerio), Fake/Real Magazine (Paris) and Nobody’s Famous in New York (New York). She’s also the co-founder of the musical art collection “Voodoo-EROS”, for which she made and unmade all sorts of crazy shit like album covers and sleepovers and fiestas and websites and fictitious communities filled with fraudulent personas. She is also the founder and only due-paying member of the Slo-Tech Philosophy™.