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The Commenter: A Lament

Absolutely. I *loved* Rhizome. It meant a huge amount to me & I owe it a lot. I gave every year until recently, more than I could afford ( and I maintained a fond hope that things might change long after there was any sensible reason for doing so. I don't give now because, brutally, what's in it for me? From a genuinely pretty horizontal community (um--rhizome???) with tremendous discussions and collaborations it's been transformed into yet another top down affair which seems to launch the odd writing/curating career but in which I now feel I have no personal stake whatsoever. What a shame.


Helgi & Hroar - a Story of Murder & Revenge

Made in 2011 with two classes of young people from Southwark Park school in London.
The text was created by the performers, the music and direction are by Michael Szpakowski and the costumes and props are by Sophia Lovell Smith. The project was a joint production by Furtherfield and A New Direction.
Full credits at the end of the film.


Realtime Audio Mangling with SuperCollider

Ah - I was sitting listening to the Grosse Fuge the other day and I though -"ach - it's *good* but it all sounds a bit um..*stiff*.." What a shame Ludwig Van didn't have supercollider to hand...


after cory arcangel

after cory arcangel

ball point, brush & ink, conté crayon, sharpie, japanese paints and paper glaze on newsprint