Michael J. Maguire
Since 2007
Works in United States of America

Michael J. Maguire, also known as clevercelt is a distinguished digital creative, an Irish playwright, screenwriter and poet, designer, director, dreamer, creator, game developer who has spent over 20 years exploring creative technology and technological creativity. "http://www.clevercelt.com"

He studied Industrial Mechanical and Production Engineering at the Regional Technical College Dundalk. (Now DKIT) Moving to Dublin to study electronics in 1982 He wrote his first computer game on a commodore64 in BASIC then, a text adventure called Lost in Coolock.

Lucia married him in 1988. He sold tee-shirts at concerts, sang in bands, wrote & directed live comedy / pub dramas, became a writer in residence. Wrote,directed and produced more live theatre in the form of two act plays. He went and studied Theatre in the National University of Ireland Maynooth and threw himself into an artist's life.

In the late eighties and early nineties: He was a scriptwriter and theatre director/producer, developing multimedia theatre shows before completing the first feasibility study into Interactive Entertainment Software (Computer Games)for Irish Support Agency Enterprise Ireland. "http://www.enterprise-ireland.com/en/Research-Innovation/"

Successfully completing a technology enterprise programme and designing some applied Computer Science research into graphical syntax management led him to establish the first Irish Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Licensed Playstation developer, as first user of the then developing Havok Engine ("http://www.havok.com")his company Taintech went on to develop PS2 Prototypes.

When the dot com bubble burst and took down his company he went to work for Microsoft game studios, working on Xbox titles and PC games including RSC, Tao Feng and FS2002 (during 9/11). He was MS liaison with Media Lab Europe’s Mindgames group and the then emerging Irish Game development Industry. Games Group Guy on the HED innovation team, other membership stuff like being on the steering committee of IGDA Ireland, member of the games and animation advisory committee to the digital hub, He also wrote guest articles for "http:www.gamedevelopers.ie" and others.

After spending four years, traveling constantly, listening to excuses or stuck in meetings he left Microsoft to manage the Midas initiative where he recruited 30 digital media companies to form a cross border digital media cluster. He lasted almost six months among the add min minded form fillers, who smothered the project in ego.

When he joined DIME(Digital Interactive Media Enterprises )as creative director his interactive fiction script paddygames was accepted to the sagasnet interactive fiction workshops in Germany. He also went back to painting in oils.

Michael used to split his time between dime, creative consultancy and personal creativity projects, He finished his MA in creative writing and new media at DMU in the UK. His current work is about exploring the intersections between narratology, emerging technologies, humor, poetics, rhetoric, stories.

He is currently pursuing a full-time PhD at University College Dublin in English, Drama and Film, through Creative Writing centered on digital creativity and digital Literature."http://www.ucd.ie" He's also part of the TCD-UCD innovation academy.

His Twitter is @clevercelt and you'll find him on FB. He pops up occasionally at MIP, GDC and other major conventions and conferences... He rants about stuff at "http://www.michaeljmaguire.com"

Lucy remains married to him after 23 years and they have three wonderful sons.