Michael Henson
Since 2002
Works in Needingworth St Ives United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Formerly world best Classical scholar 1989. Tests placed in top twenty five thousandth of Western cultural cohort. Schooled Loughborough Grammar School, but despite roughness of place, not a grass leading to the Labour Party's current inquest into public schools, despite Child Murderer Pervert Tuff from Leicester being a former member of his family, and Dr Peter Donovan Green (formerly of the UK Department of Transport research team) being sent down for 8 years of abusing little boys after successfully evading prosecution during to the tenure of Rt Hon Stephen Dorrell MP twice. Foreign vice connections suspected, and a group of doctors now reemerged from LGS in Leicestershire from his school year or connected to it. Various other suspicious circumstances leading to concern as to German religious sense Black elements.

Michael Henson is genetically and humanly unique, age 31, birthday 5th April 2002 and his resume is available here. He has earned since leaving Cambridge University in 1991 significantly less than 30 thousand pounds total (which may be considered an obscenity of global proportions). If you are in a position to assist, or fear making it look as though you are tolerating the British involveds in some way and wish to make it plain, please do so. If you have information relevant clearly the UK may not be the place to tell.

There's a lot more at the websites http://uk.geocities.com/henson_genius/index.html and http://mysite.freeserve.com/greatrevor/index.html