Michael Boelt Fischer
Since 2005
Works in Copenhagen Denmark

Michael Boelt Fischer Artistic Views
By Sarah Cornelia Greiff

Michael B. Fischer is educated and works in Denmark, where he got his MFA diploma in 2004 in Fine Art at the Danish Royal Academy of Art in Copenhagen. Since then he has been an active member of the Danish art group Selvsving as well as working as a solo artist.

Fischer’s art work and artistic statement is influenced by his pursuit of knowledge, and his fascination with scientific concepts, together with a naturalistic and philosophical business developmental systems view as a means of exploring the endless universe of arts potential.

He has found great inspiration in artists like Keith Tyson, Michael Asher and philosophers and scientists like Jean Baudrillard, Robert Kaplan, Albert-László Barabási and Kevin Kelly. He reflects the inspiration by integrating their work into his own art, sometimes by copying them directly or adding text and symbols into his own artistic images.

His art practise shows his interest in the expansion of art as a developmental unit, which is constantly in progress to create new combinations of forms and aesthetic structures.
Each of his art pieces is in one way or another correlated through his technique of working. By scanning his art work he is able to reuse his previous art in constructing new collage variety built on already existing aesthetics. Using this method his work is constantly in a developmental artistic process. He compliments his aesthetics by accentuating it with the use of strong colouring, that emphasize the psychedelic characters and invite our eyes to go on a never-ending aesthetic journey inside his artistic universe.
Fischer makes his artistic universe reveal itself, transforming it down on A4 or A3 paper formats, something that is a part of his philosophical idea of making the artwork as accessible and as distributable as possible.

Fischer’s art practice offers us the option of experiencing his art pieces as single works of art, or as a relational integrated aesthetic whole. Michael Boelt Fischer as an artist promotes a systematic scientific art progress full of action and visual surprises still to be found and discovered.