Michael Arnold Mages
Since the beginning
Works in Erie, Colorado United States of America

Michael Arnold Mages is an artist, designer and composer. He received a degree in Music Composition from the University of Arizona, Masters in Digital Media Studies at the University of Denver and currently teaches in the Digital Media program at the University of Denver, and in Interactive Media program at the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design.

His works deal primarily with sound, economies of power, and perceptions of space. He is currently working on several projects, among them a digital archive of the photos and writings detailing the experiences of his Grandfather during World War II.
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Aotearoa - fresh southern summer | January on -empyre-

Aotearoa - fresh southern summer with The Paul Annears, Susan Ballard,
Stella Brennan, Ian Clothier, Adam Hyde, Trudy Lane, Helen Varley Jamieson,
and more guests throughout the month.

Surely one of the most desirable global destinations, Aotearoa | New Zealand
is currently experiencing a renaissance in media arts and culture. 2005 at
-empyre- brings you fresh perspectives from net, sound and media artists,
theorists, educators, curators and writers, who are working in, or have
recently returned to their home islands. Much is bubbling to the surface
from deep pools of creativity such as the Aotearoa Digital Arts list; recent
and planned festivals include Version, SCANZ and re:mote; and exhibition
venues include Artspace, the Physics Room, the Moving Image Centre and [NON]

Join our guests at http://www.subtle.net/empyre to data mine this southern
resurgence of new media and online practice.

The Paul Annears [http://www.xxos.net ] find there are many advantages to
being two people. For many years we have successfully amplified our separate
brilliances and recently, through the power of the web, have joined with
other 'Paul Annears' in a unique franchising arrangement to produce The
Concise Model of the Universe.

Paul Annear 404 [ http://www.xxos.net ] has always been anthropographic.
Because of this, Paul finds it difficult to avoid strong emotions and
unpleasant situations. An obsession with people and her ability to identify
with a variety of these creatures has brought her here.

Susan Ballard [ http://www.physicsroom.org.nz/space/2002/sensible ] is an
artist, writer and musician whose interests cover the broad historical field
of new media art with a particular emphasis on contemporary digital and
time-based installation from Aotearoa/ New Zealand. Her current PhD research
explores relationships between noise and materiality in digital installation

Stella Brennan [ http://www.stella.net.nz ] is an Auckland-based artist,
writer and curator. With Sean Cubitt she founded the Aotearoa Digital Arts
discussion list in 2003, and has hosted two subsequent ADA meetings. Her
artwork is based in video and installation. Stella teaches at the Auckland
University of Technology.

Ian M Clothier [ http://www.art-themagazine.com/ian ] is a Pacific based
artist writer. In 2004 he was selected for ISEA (Estonia), Digitalis:
Ethno-techno (Canada) and ReJoyce Festival (Ireland). Editor of
art-themagazine.com, he has contributed to rhizome.org, and was an invited
speaker to the Ninth International Conference on Thinking.

Adam Hyde [http://www.radioqualia.net ] exhibits frequently internationally
and recently won a UNESCO Digital Art Award. He is the Digital Artist in
Residence at Waikato University, and is currently organising the 're:mote'
festival with Honor Harger and NZ artist duo 'Ethermap', formed by Adam
Willets and Zita Joyce.

Trudy Lane [http://artefact.mi2.hr ] works in online design and publication
for the art/museum industries and as an artist collaboratively creating
projects which cross-breed participatory art & educational resource. Trudy
has recently returned to New Zealand after 12 years living abroad.

Helen Varley Jamieson [ http://www.creative-catalyst.com ] is a writer and
theatre artist who has been exploring the concept of cyberformance - remote
performers creating live performance via the internet - during the last 5
years. She does a lot travelling with this work, but is currently enjoying
some time back home in Aotearoa. Helen writes for Rhizome, Furtherfield and
other publications.

-empyre- is an arena for the discussion of media arts practice, and
regularly invites practicioners, curators and theorists in the media arts
field to discuss specific projects, publications, and issues. Subscribe to
-empyre- at:


December 2004 on -empyre-


A conversation around the themes of synesthesia and other sense experiences
relating to the convergence of vision, sound and pre-aware cognition.
Perception, in the context of this discussion, need not be limited to the
apprehension of external stimuli, instead extending to the highly subjective
territories of the mind perceiving its own process.

For the next few weeks we will be exchanging our ideas regarding work and
research which explores the intersection of sensory motor modalities and the
challenges and mysteries of motor control, perception and representation.
Co-moderated by jackbackrack, Nancy Paterson and William Tremblay.


jackbackrack is an artist and research scientist at the MIT AI Lab. His
research is on robotics, sensor networks, and programming languages. He
runs an art technology group, called the Collision Collective, and curates
art technology shows, called Collisions, along with Dan Paluska and Brian

Nancy Paterson is a Toronto-based new media artist best known for mediaworks
such as STOCK MARKET SKIRT. She is currently working on a research project
titled MULTI, exploring the relationship between collaboration, creativity
and synesthesia. This project also deals with symbol cryptography and next
generation information processing.

William Tremblay is an artist and interactive media programmer living in
Boston. He creates interactive sculpture guided by emotional and symbolic
resonance, but suspects that physical objects posess very diminished
relevance in today's world.

-empyre- facilitates critical perspectives on contemporary
cross-disciplinary issues, practices and events in networked media by
inviting guests -- key new media artists, curators, theorists, producers and
others to participate in thematic discussions. To participate, subscribe to
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Make History with the US Department of Art and Technology -- October through November Fourth on -empyre-

subscribe to the discussion at http://www.subtle.net/empyre/

The members of the U.S. Department of Art and Technology will do whatever it takes to keep America safe. That means amplifying our intelligence, taking action on all key fronts, and deconstructing and re-writing media texts.

The US Department of Art & Technology is an artist-led, virtual government agency. The US DAT functions as a conduit between the arts and the broader political and economic culture for facilitating the artists’ need to extend aesthetic inquiry into the social sphere where ideas become real action. The Department proposes and supports the idealized definition of the role of the artist in society as one whose reflections, ideas, aesthetics, sensibilities, and abilities can have significant and transformative social impact on the world stage.

Secretary Randall M. Packer: Head of the US Department of Art and Technology and chief media arts advisory for the Federal Government, Sectretary Packer represents the United States in aesthetic and cultural matters generally and gives advice and opinions to the President and to the heads of the executive departments of the Government when so requested.

Joining Secretary Packer throughout the month are many of the agents and staff artists for the USDAT. Some of those attending will be: Under Secretary for the Office of Artist & Homeland Insecurity, Jeff Gates; Director of the Bureau of Pharmakogeographical Surveying, Trace Reddell; Commanding General of Operation Artistic Freedom, Andrew Nagy.

Among the recent projects undertaken by the USDAT are:

---> The Experimental Party DisInformation Center, an immersive media installation subverting Republican propaganda. Three years in the making, the installation is the culmination of a project started by US Department of Art & Technology Secretary Randall M. Packer in 2001 when he created a “virtual government agency” as a critique of the role of the artist in society.

---> Media Deconstruction Kit (MDK): MDK is a real-time system that alters broadcast media live and in real-time, transforming news stories, advertising, political pundancy, live up-dates, scrolls, and network logos into an immersive, sensorial, multimedia experience. (Randall Packer, Wesley Smith)

---> WetheBlog.org: A medium that offers an artistic alternative to the spin-doctors of the political parties. WetheBlog.org is the virtual community to participate in with media artists, cultural critics and other creative people who are repositioning themselves as new leaders in the governance of this planet. (Jeff Gates)

---> Homeland Insecurity Advisory System: A Web-based initiative designed to broadcast the daily threat condition confronting citizens of the US and around the world due to the risk of our government-in-action. (Jonah Brucker-Cohen)

-empyre- facilitates critical perspectives on contemporary cross-disciplinary issues, practices and events in networked media by inviting guests -- key new media artists, curators, theorists, producers and others to participate in thematic discussions. To participate, subscribe to -empyre- at:


Play with a Purpose: Politics and Art in Video Games -- July on -empyre-

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The violence of the video game world is thrown sharply into relief when
characters do not represent the cultural hegemony typically seen in a
First-Person Shooter. "Play" does not necessarily equal "amusement" or
"humour" in these games; the opportunity to put on an identity that sees a
formerly friendly (?) world as oppositional can be shocking.

Based on the struggles of a Palestinian youth during the Intifadah,
UnderAsh [ http://www.underash.net/edownload.htm ] and Under Siege [
http://www.underash.net/n_download.htm ] were created by AFKARMEDIA under
the direction of Syrian co-founder, programmer Radwan Kasmiya. Kasmiya
also acts as media advisor for the Middle-Eastern publisher DAR AL-FIKR.

Depicting the plight of a foreign asylum-seeker in Australia, Escape from
Woomera [ http://www.escapefromwoomera.org/ ] asks a player to attempt to
break out of four refugee detention centers. Melbourne-based Kipper is
the Creative Director from the development team.

Rafael Fajardo explores the complexity of the real-world US/Mexico border
situation through the paired games Crosser and La Migra [
http://www.du.edu/~rfajardo/juego/index.html ]. The games depict border
crossings from the point of view of the illegal immigrant, and as a border
patrol agent who attempts to prevent the crossing.

Collaborative group C-level has produced Waco Resurrection [
http://waco.c-level.org/ ]. Two of the developers, Los Angeles-based
artists Brody Condon and Eddo Stern will join us, examining issues of
colonialism, violence, and documentary versus fictive presentation.

-empyre- facilitates critical perspectives on contemporary
cross-disciplinary issues, practices and events in networked media by
inviting guests -- key new media artists, curators, theorists, producers
and others to participate in thematic discussions. To participate,
subscribe to -empyre- at:


on -empyre- in April: Web.cast/Net.radio - Slip.stream of the Net

on -empyre- in April: Web.cast/Net.radio - Slip.stream of the Net

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featured discussion in April

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