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Mez Breeze is the Creative Director of Mez Breeze Design, an agency which provides boutique digital product and design services (including illustration, transmedia, text, games, interface design, and responsive media). Recent and past Clients include the British Branch of Appreciative Inquiry, CloudGraf, Brandaide, Brecely Studios, GeekGirl, and The University of Technology Sydney. Mez Breeze Design has recently partnered with Dreaming Methods to produce a set of mobile-oriented projects that have been showcased at "Chercher le texte: manifestation internationale de littérature numérique” 2013: one of their joint projects was also nominated for the 2013 Digital Humanities Awards in the "Best DH visualization or infographic" Category. Mez is an Advisor to The Mixed Augmented Reality Art Research Organisation and is currently Senior Research Affiliate with The Humanities and Critical Code Studies Lab.
Mez has exhibited her ground-breaking creative works widely, including at The Brooklyn Academy of Music 2001, “Playengines” Melbourne Australia 2003, “Arte Nuevo InteractivA” Mexico 2005, the “Radical Software” Show at Turin Italy 2006, DIWO at the HTTP Gallery London 2007, New Media Scotland 2008, the Laguna Art Museum California and Alternator Gallery Canada 2009, Federation Square Melbourne and Arnolfini Gallery Bristol 2010, Netherlands Media Arts Institute 2011, “Remediating the Social” Exhibition in Scotland 2012, “Network Art Forms: Tactical Magik” in Tasmania 2013 and Jeu de Paume 2014. Her awards include the 2001 VIF Prize (Germany), the JavaMuseum Artist Of The Year 2001 (Germany), 2002 Newcastle New Media Poetry Prize (Australia), co-winner of the 2006 Site Specific Index Page Competition (Italy) and the Burton Wonderland Gallery Winner 2010 (judged by Hollywood Director Tim Burton). Her works reside in Collections as diverse as The World Bank and the PANDORA Electronic Collection at the National Library of Australia. Duke University have recently extended to Mez an invitation to develop a comprehensive career archive of her works, associated documents, correspondence and papers to be housed there at the David M. Rubenstein Rare Book & Manuscript Library.

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Re: Naked Code

Quoting Jason Van Anden <>:

> A: Am I to assume this same logic is what compels you to use your "own"
> language to express your "self"? Does an author who uses words created
> communally by his culture not have the right to own his story? Am I
> generalizing again?
> j

j, re:_self_x.pression.motivators + logic _after_ an
actual response 2 my ini.[*]ial x.tremely curious as 2 how u
n.ternalise ur code.ownership claim[s] whilst m.ploying programming languages



Re: Naked Code

> From mez and jeremy's posts I gather that if I prefer not to expose my code
> I am either incredibly selfish or insecure. That the artist who chooses to
> create art that requires programming has the added responsibility to the
> community of sharing your code - and that if you are unwilling to comply you
> should be disqualified from receiving funding.


Q: how du u n.tegrate the use of [ie
using a programming language not with functions not.structured
by u] with ur need 2 own.ur.own.code?

A: <n.sert here pls>


Re: Naked Code

Quoting Jason Van Anden <>:

> Here are some cost/benefit analysis thoughts on the subject:
> 1.) Overhead: aka documenting the code. As Jim Andrews points out, open
> source is only useful to others if the code is legible and well documented -
> which requires extra effort on its creator's behalf. This is work. Perhaps
> its selfish - but golly, what a drag.

n.credibly disappointing.orientation.

[u.r.discoun.ting(le): slip.pages+uberness.of.the _accident[all.code]]

> 2.) What is the benefit to the artist? Is it a good thing to enable others
> to easily create derivative works based upon your labors? Am I being funded
> to be a teacher or an artist?



> 3.) My code is my code. I love my code - I mean love it. I like to tinker
> with it, play with it, do whatever I please with it. What if I don't want
> to share it? Its mine. As far as I am concerned - I share the output - the
> process belongs to me. (For the record, I have made some of my code publicly
> available - not that anyone was really that interested).

"I" "I" "I"


> These are mostly personal - but so is making art.

+ the output of is it just for u alone?

>Why is new media
> different? I am not sure that because we create using a readable language
> it should be a requirement that we share it.

so sad this obsession with ownership. cutting of the collective


> Is the art not enough?

Is ur ego just.2.much?



Fwd: [iDC] The Social Machine of Events

>Date: Wed, 1 Feb 2006 16:04:17 -0500
>From: Trebor Scholz <>
>To: IDC list <>
>Event organizing. Over the past year many experiments with conferencing
>formats took place. They were aimed at escaping the same old
>predicaments. People are fed up with the orthodoxy of traditional,
>hierarchical proceedings of keynote speakers, panels, and unconcentrated
>topical orientation! There is the soporific style of delivering a
>30-page paper to an audience that could have read this text online
>beforehand. Paperism! There is the work-shy re-inscription of yet the
>same players of the virtual intelligentsia over and over again! Peeps
>and masters! Why look at proposals of the



______________________________________________[d]_b[n]oob.manga_ 08:09pm 30/01/2006




[crust.gender+ thrust.g.eek.concret"isms"]


_____________________________________________{chi}t[t{er}ing(Ls)]_ 05:23pm 23/01/2006


______-subset: coping.set.triggers.*may[hap]*.bond.synaptically

[insert: trauma.mech(ic)an(ery) *ism]






_cog. fly.knit.wheel.seep.ages_ 06:31am 17/01/2006

_the[h]o[a]ry.skinning + [bric.oh.]large.seepage_
_BAN vs PAN vs GAN_
...................Body Area Networking: coded meat structur[h]ing[es]
...................Personal Area Networking: sucker.identity.punching
...................Genetic Area Networking: rna.helix.[sche]dueling




_predation\predator.intro_ 06:10am 11/01/2006

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