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Mez Breeze is the Creative Director of Mez Breeze Design, an agency which provides boutique digital product and design services (including illustration, transmedia, text, games, interface design, and responsive media). Recent and past Clients include the British Branch of Appreciative Inquiry, CloudGraf, Brandaide, Brecely Studios, GeekGirl, and The University of Technology Sydney. Mez Breeze Design has recently partnered with Dreaming Methods to produce a set of mobile-oriented projects that have been showcased at "Chercher le texte: manifestation internationale de littérature numérique” 2013: one of their joint projects was also nominated for the 2013 Digital Humanities Awards in the "Best DH visualization or infographic" Category. Mez is an Advisor to The Mixed Augmented Reality Art Research Organisation and is currently Senior Research Affiliate with The Humanities and Critical Code Studies Lab.
Mez has exhibited her ground-breaking creative works widely, including at The Brooklyn Academy of Music 2001, “Playengines” Melbourne Australia 2003, “Arte Nuevo InteractivA” Mexico 2005, the “Radical Software” Show at Turin Italy 2006, DIWO at the HTTP Gallery London 2007, New Media Scotland 2008, the Laguna Art Museum California and Alternator Gallery Canada 2009, Federation Square Melbourne and Arnolfini Gallery Bristol 2010, Netherlands Media Arts Institute 2011, “Remediating the Social” Exhibition in Scotland 2012, “Network Art Forms: Tactical Magik” in Tasmania 2013 and Jeu de Paume 2014. Her awards include the 2001 VIF Prize (Germany), the JavaMuseum Artist Of The Year 2001 (Germany), 2002 Newcastle New Media Poetry Prize (Australia), co-winner of the 2006 Site Specific Index Page Competition (Italy) and the Burton Wonderland Gallery Winner 2010 (judged by Hollywood Director Tim Burton). Her works reside in Collections as diverse as The World Bank and the PANDORA Electronic Collection at the National Library of Australia. Duke University have recently extended to Mez an invitation to develop a comprehensive career archive of her works, associated documents, correspondence and papers to be housed there at the David M. Rubenstein Rare Book & Manuscript Library.

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augmented wha?!? huh?!?

Hiya Pall, Vijay, All.

Pall, I understand completely re tagging "hot" terminology as band-wagonish. I do think there's a distinction to be made when it comes to adopting a term because of buzz-worthiness alone vs a type of info_emergence - always a difficult thing to discern when the art-scene is involved;)

Also, thx for your interest in _Augmentology 1[L]0[L]1_. + Yes, it has been generating brilliant comments thus far. I'm assessing whether it may be feasible to create a glossary based on contributions. This may be too much of a top-down linear approach, however, which could break the aggregative intention. I'm curious to see how Academia/Institutions react to it, given the fact the Acknowledgement/Referential system lies outside a Canonistic framework.

Regarding your comment: "If you really think about it reality either is or it isn't. It can't be virtual or augmented because anything you do to it becomes part of that reality.": I'd beg to differ here, and this is where I see a spectrum approach as relevant. I do understand that _Reality_ as a standardised concept [ie ego-mediated/primary consciousness/physically-grounded/phenomenological] is well established but I suspect attempts at polarising it as all-encompassing via a "is or isn't" approach may become less helpful in the future. This could be a simple semantics issue, though:)

I do think _Reality_ will become an increasingly elastic concept in light of a increasing acknowledgment of primary networked interaction/communication. This is where your question comes in Vijay.......

In terms of giving a definitive explanation of The Reality Spectrum I alluded to above ([Geophysical]<-------[Cartesian]--------[Mixed]-------->[Synthetic]) I'm clueless [:)] as this concept is only "In Beta" [oo now *thats* a buzz-phrase;)] and will be expanded in the next _Augmentology 1[L]0[L]1_ entry [to do with the construction of a Geo-Specificity Complex and (perhaps) Augmented States of Consciousness]. For now tho I can say that the Spectrum idea seems plausible given the shifting bases of attentional focus required to navigate layered states of technological-reliant consciousness?



augmented wha?!? huh?!?

Morning Pall.

I'm nor sure regarding the "buzzness" factor of the term _Augment_ as I'm not really in any of the scenic circles that create buzz-worthy terms? In terms of a working definition [from Wikipedia]:

"Augmented reality is an environment that includes both virtual reality and real-world elements. For instance, an AR user might wear translucent goggles; through these, he could see the real world, as well as computer-generated images projected on top of that world. Azuma defines an augmented reality system as one that

* combines real and virtual,
* is interactive in real-time,
* is registered in three dimensions."

This definition isn't stock-standard-applicable In terms of the _Augmentology 1[L]0[L]1_ project, due to it being an aggregational attempt to establish a hybrid discipline via discussions concerning the formation of synthetic environments. Augmentology doesn't attempt to "go beyond" phenomenological definitions of what constitutes _Reality_; rather to offer a spectrum along which various manifestations of Reality (eg [Geophysical]<-------[Cartesian]--------[Mixed]-------->[Synthetic]) occur?



Regarding Conceptual and Aesthetic Implications of Code in Computer-based Art

Codework refers to the use of the contemporary idiolect of the computer and computing processes in digital media experimental writing, or [net.writing]. Some of the prominent practitioners include Alan Sondheim, who has given the practice and genre its name, Mez (Mary-Anne Breeze), Talan Memmott, Ted Warnell, Brian Lennon, and John Cayley. These writers also use different terms to refer to work: Mez composes in a neologistic "net.wurked" language that she has termed m[ez]ang.elle; Memmott uses the term "rich.lit"; Warnell names some of his JavaScript poems "codepoetry"; Lennon refers to "digital visual poetics"; and Cayley produces algorithmic, generative texts, or "programmable poetry." Writers and artists who have taken up the general practice of codework heed the mandate - "use the computer; it is not a television" - and strive to foreground and theorize the relations between interface and machine and so reflect on the networked environment that constitutes and is constituted by a digital text. The precise techniques vary, but the general result is a text-object or a text-event that emphasizes its own programming, mechanism, and materiality.

.....this what u mean phil by the argument of the code being the art?

[read the rest here:">].



Live chat with MEZ: _Leonardo Electronic Almanac Discussion (LEAD): Vol 14 No 5_

_Leonardo Electronic Almanac Discussion (LEAD): Vol 14 No 5_

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Fwd: Paid GIG for VJ in SF tonight! -No equip needed!

>I need a VJ to cover for me tonight & tomorrow for a
>couple of medium size events in San Francisco...
>These are paid gigs & there is a V4 & projector in
>place along with DVD players ... Just show up with
>DVDs or laptop & you are good to go... The sound &
>lighting techs will be there to help & support you...
>So just mix a set & get paid!
>If interested please call
>408 857 0253
>or email:
>This is a good opportunity that may open doors to more
>work to whoever comes through