Meri Nikula
Since 2008
Works in Tokyo Japan

Meri Nikula

Experimental Vocalist, Performer & Video Artist

Born in Tornio, Finland

Meri has a varied background in the fields of music, theater, dance and visual arts. She has lived in Finland, Iceland, Norway, Ghana, Japan and the Netherlands and continues to migrate.

She has developed a concept she calls 'vocal mosaic', making collages of her voice in layers, using different vocal techniques. In her visual work she creates video installations, where her voice and body plays an important part. Currently she is experimenting with the different elements creating a specific environment for herself to perform as a vocalist, a mover and a visual artist combined.

As a singer and a flutist she has performed jazz and classical music, folk and world music as well as noise and improvised music. She has been acting in musicals and as a member of experimental performance groups. One of her main source of inspiration continues to be collaborations with dancers & choreographers, both as a musician & composer and a mover.

After years of studies & experimenting she finally graduated in 2007 from The Royal Art Academy in The Hague, The Netherlands, performing her graduation piece for no less than Queen Beatrix. Her Highness had a great sense for art, not minding the naked woman eating raw meat but complimenting her for being able to sing up-side-down.