Melissa Ulto
Since the beginning
Works in New York United States of America

Melissa Ulto is an interdisciplinary artist who utilizes modern and traditional mediums to create her works. Born in Los Angeles, she grew up in various cities and towns in Northern Ontario, with summer vacations spent with extended family in New York. Artistically inclined from a very early age, her skill grew under several private teachers and her own obsessive creative investigations. Attending college briefly, Melissa moved to New York in 1991. She began integrating her computer skills with her creative skills and launched her first online exhibit in 1994.

Continuing her education, she found her multimedia and fine art professors interested in her work while at the same time unable to recommend a method of showing her pieces, which often involved computers, video, paintings, photography and assemblage. Melissa found the web to be ideal in creating a time/space that engages the audience in both moving and still imagery presentations.

She currently resides in New York, working professionally as a Senior Digital Video Specialist at Columbia University's Center for New Media Teaching and Learning (, and continues to pursue her work with her online exhibits, ...unMade Movie... (, Vega$ 4 $ale (, and has completed a new exhibit "Women I Have Known", which will be online shortly. Her new project is "Bastard", an exploration of illegitimacy ( Her work is currently being shown in Russia, New York and online at various digital galleries. Previously, her work has been shown in England, Chicago, Toronto and France.