Melinda Rackham
Since the beginning
Works in North Adelaide Australia

Over the past fifteen years Melinda Rackham has engaged with emergent practices and hybrid artforms as a pioneering networked artist, writer, curator, media consultant and cultural producer.

Melinda was the first Curator of Networked Media at the Australian Centre for Moving Image (ACMI) and in 2002 she established -empyre-, one of the world’s leading online critical theory forums. As Director of the Australian Network for Art and Technology (ANAT) - Melinda lead Australia's foremost cultural research and emerging technologies organisation to new levels of public engagement.

Currently Adjunct Professor in the School of Media and Comminications at RMIT University, Dr Rackham's interests focus on the intertwining cultural, aesthetic, technological and conceptual aspects of networked, virtual, distributed, multi-user environments, and responsive and wearable art practices.
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Networked Performance: September on -empyre-

The space becomes like a body, and the live body
becomes a space..." --Kondition Pluriel 2003

-empyre- is pleased to welcome Company in Space
(Australia) and Kondition Pluriel (Canada/Austria)as
guests for our September conversation on performance
and digital media.

join us on -empyre-


Melbourne-based Company in Space joins us for
September 1-15. Since 1993, co-directors Hellen Sky
and John McCormick have pioneered telematic
performance in experiments in networked movement, in
live and online kinaesthetic, visual and aural worlds
using motion capture imaging and video. Company in
Space has performed internationally in Europe, Asia,
Australia in numerous festivals and exhibitions.

As artists-in-residence at RMIT's Interactive
Information Institute, Company in Space researches
liveinteractive performance and the extension of the
body's relationship to space over the internet and
within realtime virtual theatre environments.


From September 15 to month's end, -empyre- will enlist
the forces of Kondition Pluriel, with Marie-Claude
Poulin and Martin Kusch.

Kondition Pluriel creates interactive installations
and environments,incorporating
technology,architecture,site-specificity, and live
performance through the disciplines of choreography
and contemporary dance performance.Martin Kusch and
Marie-Claude Poulin began their research as
kondition pluriel in Montreal 2000, with the aim of
transcending each of their disciplines - Martin's work
in the field of media art involving responsive
environments and installations, and Marie-Claude's
background in movement, dance and scientific concepts
- to create interdisciplinary works in which
movement, performance, digital interactive technology
and digital video combine on equal footing to form a
new space and language.



june on -empyre- lab3d:the dimensional internet

lab3d - the dimensional internet

What are the aesthetic, ethical and theoretical issues surrounding immersion
and representation in 3d space? How are technical and financial parameters
shaping the future of independent artists creating online 3d experiential

Please join us for the month of June when -empyre- guests are drawn from
lab3d, curated by Kathy Rae Huffman at Cornerhouse, Manchester.
Participating lab3d installation artists include John Klima (USA), Michael
Pinsky (UK), Melinda Rackham (Australia), Anthony Rowe of SquidSoup (UK),
and Tamiko Thiel (Germany/Japan). Artists from Web3dArt2003 include Simon
Biggs (UK), Steve Guynup (USA), Adam Nash (Australia), Ales Vaupotic &
Narvika Bovcon (Slovinia), Ayoub Sarouphim (Lebanon/USA), Edward Tang and
Przemyslaw Moskal (USA), and Gregoire Zabe (France).

Curators from several partner institutions who will be simultaneously
showing the web3d section of lab3d including Lina Dzuverovic-Russell at ICA
London, Taylor Nuttall from Folly Gallery, Lancaster David Osbaldeston at
Cornerhouse, and Melentie Pandilovski of Experiemental Art Foundation,
Adelaide will also join the discussion.

Edited by Taylor Nuttall and Melinda Rackham, a freeware Reader version of
online forum and offline lab3d symposium will be available later in the year
for web download or from participating organizations.

For more information:

To join -empyre- forum: /empyre/

Simon Biggs
Steve Guynup
John Klima
Przemyslaw Moskal
& Edward Tang
Adam Nash
Michael Pinsky
Melinda Rackham
Anhtony Rowe (Squidsoup)
Ayoub Sarouphim
Tamiko Thiel `
Ales Vaupotic & Narvika Bovcon
Gregoire Zabe
Kathy Rae Huffman & David Osbaldeston, Cornerhouse Manchester
Taylor Nuttall, Folly Lancaster http//
Melentie Pandilovski, EAF Adelaide
Lina Dzuverovic-Russell, ICA London



You can see online the WEBARTSHORTCUTS:

interviews with net artists, theorists and producers.
the online version in both german and english of the book:

Webfictions. Zerstreute Anwesenheiten in elektronischen Netzen. (Dispersed
Presences in Electronic Networks)
Manfred Fassler, Ursula Hentschlager, Zelko Wiener,
Springer: Vienna / New York 2002. 230 pages, 94 illustrations,

DISCUSSION - games/gender/girls

Join -empyre- in December ( for our final 02
session featuring cyber chicks Julianne Pierce and Mary Flanagan, both of
whom have investigated the game genres in relation to issues of media,
gender and power. Currently through their individual artistic, textual,
production and critical interventions, Flanagan and Pierce are players in
the construction of theory and culture of our shared online networks.

--->Julianne Pierce, artist, new media producer and co-founder of
pioneering Australian cyberfeminist group VNS Matrix and current
Director of the Australian Network for Art and Technology (ANAT), will
discuss shifts in the cyberfeminist movement since its inception in
the early 1990's. Has cyberfeminism emerged as an empowering 'tool'
for engagement with technology, or has it become a factionalised
theoretical movement with little practical outcome? She will also
look at new media art within this context and more generally take a
look at the current concerns and issues of new media artists.

VNS Matrix

--> Media practitioner and theorist Mary Flanagan investigates the
intersection of art, technology, and gender study through critical writing,
artwork, and
activism. She is also the creator of "The Adventures of Josie True," the
first web-based adventure game for girls. Mary has recently show in All Star
Data Mappers at Artspace, Sydney and in the Whitney Biennial,and edited,
with Austin Booth, "_reload: rethinking women + cyberculture" which views
cyberculture as a social experiment with an as-yet-unfulfilled potential to
create new identities, relationships, and cultures.

Mary Flanagan
reload: rethinking women + cyberculture
> >>


October on empyre - E lounge

Discussions from the Atlantic Cultural Space Conference - Lea Deschamps

--->New media artist Lea Deschamps co-ordinated and curated the online
e-lounge at the Atlantic Cultural Space Conference, Moncton, New Brunswick
Canada in May 2002. Lea, who has a background in computer animation and a MA
in Art History has invited some of the artists from e-lounge to present
their current research and projects. Presenters are Gair (Scotland); Randy
Knott and Ron Gervais - I am static (Canada); Valerie LeBlanc and Daniel
Dugas -Wireless technology (Canada); Saoirse Higgins currently doing
research in the computing culture group of MIT media lab, (Ireland-USA); and
Clemente Padin - Mail art, Poetry and artivism (Uruguay).
Although distinct in their respective processes and mediation of technology
and physicality, they converge in their exploration of social interstices
and nodes evocative of 'relational esthetics' (Bourriaud). These artists
will help implode binarisms such as periphery-center, proximity-distance,
authorship-spectatorship, original-mimetic.

join us at empyre forum

Randy Knott and Ron Gervais
Valerie LeBlanc and Daniel Dugas
Saoirse Higgins
Clemente Padin